Problems faced on beta update atherstack 5.10

I got the atherstack 5.10 beta update, firstly the maps are smoother than before with live traffic instead of just blue navigation route. park assist and movement detection now has hazard lights turning on, seems so cool to have! And lastly there is fall safe which is yet to be tested. Problem (bugs) -

  1. the optimized 2.0 charging stops at 51% soc , never charged my Ather till 100% having optimized turn on from the day update was received.
  2. The current location of the scooter is changed for about ~2km in my case, which is only limited to dashboard, the location of scooter on app is working as expected.
  3. the autoturn off indicator has become hit or miss in my case, which was not the case before beta update, its missing many turns. I Really hope Ather team is working on it and brings the bugfix update asap. Also pls decrease the autoturn off indicator time delay to < 3secs instead of 5secs it is very annoying most of the times.