Price too high

Why are people buying this bike?

It’s too much a price quotation for a product from a new company.

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What do you mean a new company? Ather is almost 8 years old!

And people like me are buying it because it’s a really good scooter.


The company has been there for a while now. It did take time for me to consider an e-scooter looking at the range, time to charge etc.

But when I decided to do my research, I found this one better. I had driven a few EVs, spoken to their owners and this one’s design, the look and feel of the console, the belt sound really makes it one of a kind. And as far as I have researched, there hasn’t been any mishaps with the battery compartment or any other deadly glitch with the scooter. If the price justifies all of the above, it’s a good deal I guess.


Yes Ather is good but one problem the range of scooter is not good and Ather plus to bad range show 70 km but only run 62 km indian Road not good for those scooter

The range depends on riding style. My 450X shows 60 range on sports but I get 70 plus because I ride it at ~45kmph speed. In the same way if I ride it around 70kmph I only get 50 kms range. It all depends on riding style.


The fact of the matter is, there is no other EV that’s good in the market right now. Ola has to stand the test of time for another 6 months to even consider buying it. At this time, Ather is the only ‘not bad’ EV compared to the other ‘bad’ ones


New in the sense? Like you heard about it recently after wanting to switch to an EV due to spiralling fuel costs? Agreed, Ather isn’t a decades old manufacturer, but they have been the most tried and proven EV with strong performance and features on the roads since past 3-4 years.

You may be feeling its new since you may have started looking for it now.

But agree with one point, there’s no doubt it’s expensive, but people find it worth it, considering the alternatives in market, although Ather had considerably less (but absolutely reliable) range.


Ather is the only reliable, safe and cooked performance scooter in the market as of today, any price for it is worth to be paid.


I am getting in my 450, 93km per charge as against 55km indicated by Ather. It all depends on how you ride.


There are plenty of threads that already exist to help you with this decision. Please use the search function.