Pre-order Invite Codes

Hi team,

Could anyone please share the invite code ?

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I need it too.

Check out Ather Energy Twitter page, Some are giving away invite codes for good answers and replies!

Is 450X a new version of existing one? :thinking:

I think it would be like OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro…
Same DNA, only more powerful and more feature loaded!

Guys, wait for features, price and look of 450X.
Hope there should not be much difference in look of 450.
It is like enhancement of features like (4g dashboard, battery, motor and range) which can be replaced in existing 450 models.

There should option for existing owners to upgrade the parts in 450 which brought up in 450X if owner is willing to do it.


Well if it’s just a feature update then ok or else investing 1.2Lac and in 2 months a new and different model being launched is mere a heart attack… :joy: :joy:


Dont think too much just pre-order

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It’s not about upgrading parts. The upgrade program will be upgrading to the new scooter as a whole.


How did you get the invite code ?

How did the pre-order invite worked? I dint received invite! I am already a owner of 450 from Chennai… So is the invite only for people from other than bangluru and chennai?? @abhishek.balaji could you please put some light for us…

Which city are you from? You received in it code already?

You’ll get them soon :slight_smile: Keep checking your inbox.

I have two codes sharing one

One of the pre-order code is :- DJCCO1

Invites are being sent via Email, Wait for your turn!

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Hi Siddhartha,
Where did you find the invite codes.


Did you pre-order

I have pre-ordered a Ather 450 in Dec 2019.

Thank you @abhishek.balaji however still would like to know if it’s a feature update or a new model itself? I just picked my Ather 450 in Nov19…