Portable Jack for Ather

How convenient it would be to have a portable jack in the boot of your Ather 450. This could be a practical option to keep handy since Ather 450 series doesn’t have a main stand.

Although it would be odd to have a main stand on a Ather 450 series, some 3rd party options have been installed for practicality.

I shared the link if some would like to see how it looks, or would consider a purchase.


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Have you purchased it?

Looks good, but why would you need it?

Go for paddock stand it’s useless for Ather

I think the main reason he mentioned was about portability. Paddock stand may not be easy to carry

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Oh kk it’s fine

I don’t think this would be of any use cause I guess the OPs main purpose is to one of the following,

  1. Belt cleaning an maintenance.
  2. Tyre pressure check.
  3. Brake pads (rear) check, cleaning and maintenance
  4. Puncture fixing for rear tyre.

This jack works in reliance to your vehicles sidestand being support on the opposite side. Point 1 and 2 is not possible as your Ather will be tilted towards left.

There are dismantable paddock stands as well. Just my two cents.