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Insurance Renewal Issue

Dear Ather,

Letter from a frustrated customer.

My vehicle insurance was due for renewal on 15-08-2022, i did contact my dealership ( crux mobility calicut) for the same on 21-07-2022. They provided me with the contact number of go digit service adviser and I did contact them on the same day. The service that I got from both parties was so awful that my vehicle is currently not having a valid OD coverage. Now they are running to fix my issue. I don’t understand how these people can be so irresponsible being in such a position. As a result of this now they require photographs of my vehicle. The stress that I had to go through was immense as I don’t want anything to happen to my scooter whilst it’s out of coverage. The dealership seems to be taking things lightly and they are not professional in dealing with such things. My scooter had few scratches on the side panels which I was looking to claim once the renewal was done, I doubt what is going to happen with it now. I need someone to have a look into this matter.

Dejected customer, Sidharth.H

The solution of this problem can only be given by Ather authorities btw by this letter many have got to know that your English is so good :joy::joy::+1:t2::+1:t2: ( seriously) keep it up …

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What’s the current status? Since your od expired are they asking for a vehicle inspection before issuing the policy ? If you haven’t made the payment already try for other service provider, you may get a better deal.

This letter should be addressed to GoDigit instead. Ather doesn’t sell insurance, they just point customers in the direction of insurers.

Worst case, you should take it up with the insurance ombudsman.


Just now only noticed my insurance also expired ! No alerts from GoDigit. let me find out some other insurance company

I assume Go Digit was offered by Ather ,if so then Ather has a responsibility bestowed on them that all policies get renewed on a timely manner. I think in my case I was going from dealership to insurance advisor with no luck. With the way my case was dealt I feel there was no proper training provided to dealership in dealing with insurance renewal. Coz of this my vehicle was not covered for a day. And I had to take the pain of chasing these dumb heads to get my policy renewed. Again I am saying I am not happy and totally frustrated @abhishek.balaji @tarun

yes you are correct. Ather is not providing any option to chose another insurance provider ( Am I correct ?).

Ather does not sell insurance. Tarun & Abhishek can’t really do much because they don’t run GoDigit. You ought tweet to GoDigit and let them know about your experience.

You can choose any insurance provider during the initial purchase and subsequent renewals. There is a general practice amongst dealers (all auto dealers, not just Ather) to force a particular insurance company while completing the purchase. I personally have never renewed the first policy with the incumbent provider, I always switch as there is some other insurer who is willing to give me a higher IDV at a lower premium than the current one.

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So give customer other options when he is buying a new vehicle.

Please read this line again.


This might help clarify your query too:


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