Poor Customer Care Support even after 40 days scooter issues not resolved

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Isn’t 40 days enough for Ather Customer Care Resolve issue? They still cannot resolve issues related to my dashboard and ask to give them more time. Still how much longer am I supposed to wait?


Also they will close the ticket with out any giving solution


if you are trying to login on browser and have autofill on,sign in (it will say pass fail or error) then try again and refresh the forum


This is certainly not the experience we intend for for you to have with us, Srivatsa and we apologize for the hassle this must have caused. Request you to please help us with your registered contact number, vehicle details and an elaboration of your concern in order for us to assist you better.


We need to organise a protest to get the media attention of poor Ather services


Day by Day Service quality & Customer Care is degrading. Can’t imagine what’s will happen further


So any updates? i heard nothing till date from CS team till now.


I subscribed Ather assure pro plan worth 4100rs , pick up was done in 4hr and it’s been 8days no one delivering my scooter at my location , complaint done on email on call centre but no one cares , how to i get refund ?


Same problem here also there is no proper support

Ather 450X Gen3 Issues TN12AV3136.

After the usage of 8 months.I’ve been facing multiple issues.Started from 800 kms.

#1 issue was that the fork became loose at 800kms. They adjusted the fork and they said it wont come again. (Nungambakkam service centre)

#2 same fork ( handle bar is not aligned) problem at 2300kms.

Again they adjust the fork. In this service they replaced the rear brake pad without informing and said it’s a premature failure of the brake pad. (Ambattur service centre)

#3 during the fork adjustment they broke the key cap and the same fork problem at 2513kms. This time they said they have completely checked the problem won’t occur again.(Ambattur service centre)

#4 this time new issue rear brake pad noise and belt noise at 3000kms. They said it’s due to dust and they cleaned the break caliper and adjusted the belt.(Ambattur service centre)

#5 once again same fork issue ( handle bar is not aligned) and belt noise. This time said main service team has arrived to check the issue and issue won’t happen again.(Ambattur service centre)

#6 This portable charger not working at 3900 kms. They said it’s a software glitch and they fix it in the service centre only. No rode side help was provided for taking the vehicle to service centre.(Ambattur service centre)

#7 this is my first general service at 4750kms. I have asked to adjust headlight and general service. With out my knowledge they replaced front brake pad using my service AMC. They I had conversation with manager and they have given bake the replaced front brake pad to my home.(Ambattur service centre)

#8 This time is new strange noise from floor of vehicle at 5200kms. They said they need to check. After checking they said it’s intermediate pully failure. But I don’t know how come a pulley fail with in 5000kms. I asked them to show the part but they didn’t show it and they said it need to be sent to the plant for QC. During this service they replaced the belt, pully.(Ambattur service centre)

#9 once again the fork issue came at 6750kms. This time finally they identified that it is not fork issue it is handle bar issue and they replaced the handle completely.(Ambattur service centre)

#10 strange noise coming from handle and handle is bit stiff at 7000kms. They took the vehicle and inspected it and they said it’s because of cable tie use to secure the the brake fluid hose. I don’t how come they use a cable tie to secure a moving part without providing any mounting.(OMR service centre)

#11 there was no issue in the vehicle during this service 10000kms general service. But after this service they have kept the belt too tight. I was getting the nosie from belt so took the vehicle within a week to service center they have loosen the belt and said sound won’t come. Due to rain there might be more noise and it will reduce after a few 100kms.(Ambattur service centre)

#12 belt noise and vibration was too high at 10600kms. This time they said they didn’t loose the intermediate belt last time so only noise. So they loosen the belt and cleaned the pully and fixed it. (Ambattur service centre)

Now odo reading is 11700kms but still that belt noise and vibration remains in vehicle.

I’m really tired of taking the vehicle to service centre frequently.

In my vehicle they have changed pully, handle bar, brake pad at 2000kms, belt at 5000kms. I really don’t why this much failure with in 1year and 10000kms. If the vehicle is from defective batch. kindly give replacement vehicle.

Poor service and no one is there to address ticket raised in the Ather portal.if this is the scenario, I need to take legal action only. I’m really tired of taking my vehicle to service centre.


Don’t buy Ather… 3rd class service…no proper service station…no proper staff…not at all …they took my scooter on 23july… Still zero response from them… Please follow #boycottather every social platforms…


In my first 5 months of ownership, the scooter was kept by the service center for approx 2 months. I had belt noise (abnormal) at speeds between 27 and 33 and excessive idle time discharge ( the issue which is always nioticed when the battery level is below 50% ) where I lose approx 8 % (which sometimes peaks 9%) over 24 hrs

Till date no resolution provided for both these issues. For the belt noise, service station says that 1 out of 5 vehicles comes out of factory like this. Even changing the belts didn’t help. Really ?

I faced disc and brake pad issue in the front wheel in just 2 days of taking delivery. But to my surprise the issue was resolved when they changed the discs and brake pads under warranty. For this i had to visit the service station multiple times

Even I’m tired of visiting the service station frequently. I accepted the reality and stopped visiting service station and I’m using the vehicle with these issues. No proper service facilities are available and the built quality of some parts are very poor. This is my worst purchase decision till date. I won’t recommend Ather to any of my contacts.

Ather will eventually close its operations if they continue this model of business and i wish that happens.


For back disc brake pad use Pulsar 220 disc pad it same and for front use glamour BS4 disc pad it same …i hope it useful information for you


If you have a 450+ that’s normal.

Sound I feel is subjective, some people have an issue with it while some people find it normal.

Don’t worry, enjoy your ride!!! All is well :smile:


Hi…yes I have 450 plus version. I showed the app to service station where it is mentioned that only 6 % (over 24 hrs) is okay. It says if it’s more than that, we would like to inspect your scooter (Pls see battery issues section in app). Service station says Ather has made a typographical error there but when i contacted Ather helpline, they said there is no typographical error. If that is normal in 450 plus version, at least they should mention it so that I feel relieved. Still i would say 8 or 9 % is very high.

And regarding the belt, I’ve seen SOME of the vehicles having minor issue. But in my case it’s abnormal at those speeds (becomes very worse if I’m climbing a flyover with a pillion)


Thanks…but as i said, they have sorted out the brake issue by replacing the entire set under warranty

We see how this must be causing hassles for you, Sriram. Rest assured we have escalated your concern internally and should reach out to you soon. Meanwhile, your patience is appreciated.


The customer care team does not understand the issues raised. If they feel the issues in more than one ticket is same they merge it without confirmation from customer. The escalation team called me thrice and assured the issues will be fixed. But nothing after that still the same poor customer care service. Not sure the cc reps understand English.


Yes it is poor customer service and support. My Ather didn’t switch on from Friday night. Service centre has told me that it is due to some battery defect. It would take maximum of 45 days to send it to banglore, get rectified and give it back.

Customer concerns:

  1. I don’t have any spare vehicle to commute.
  2. I have no one to take me to and from my workplace and related visits.
  3. There is no direct vehicle to my workplace as well as it would cost around 290 rs in rapido/ola to my office for one way alone. Imagine spending around 600 daily for the next 2 - 5 weeks. If not rapido, I must leave home by 5.30 am because of which I will have to eat outside for all three times in a day.
  4. I have part time jobs as well post work. I leave home by 7 am and reach back by 8.45 pm usually.
  5. My work timings, distance, my workloads both at workfront and home makes me feel so helpless without a vehicle of my own even for a single day. And that is why I bought a vehicle in first place. It’s been only 6 months and now I have this issue.
  6. On the top of everything, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would have been if it had abruptly stopped somewhere else. Thankfully I stopped in a nearby shop from my home and from there it didn’t start again and it was easy to bring it home with the help of neighbors. (Though there is emergency support which I’m aware, I still feel it’s risky being a girl and getting into such situations in an unknown place) .

My request: I am unsure whether this is so common in Ather ev and I sincerely hope it to be uncommon.But as a customer, this is too difficult. I humbly request you to have a spare vehicle at least for some technical issues like this and support the customers. You don’t the amount of stress this brings me with the tiredness due to too much of travel and timing I have to spend in travel in the upcoming days. (They are so stern that they don’t have a spare bike). Posting this with regrets of buying an EV instead of petrol. I have double thoughts in going for EV anymore or in recommending to anyone.

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