PlugShare app

Request everyone to start using PlugShare app and add plug or charging stations which are not listed along with pics and description, so that it will help community aware of the plugs available around us


this is updated by individuals who use the service (some are updates by service providers)

about this one if u look at the picture uploaded date- it is dec 2020

the place exists for sure and cars can be charged, but am not sure about 2 wheelers,

I’ll check this weekend and update it…

that is the reason it is important to update your review our a picture with some description, it will help people who are visiting the place next time

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I’ll try it out next weekend. But if it’s In car parking, then can’t access it.

it’s in car parking but need to check if they allow 2 wheelers on request for charging

today i thought I’ll add some plugs to plugshare app from bolt app after validating those have been to 4 points today


place exists but there is no bolt plug as listed on app so not able to add…


this one is okinowa showroom-however no plug again.


this is a residential area and i didn’t find any signs of plug around here.

  1. BOLT_000311

even this is a residential address and quite tricky to find the location as there are so many twisty lanes but again disappointment, no plug around

so no plugs added to the app today