Parking spotter

If we could get a feature of triggering the indicators via app will be effective while parking our ev inside parking lot…:open_hands:


That would be great if it works as realtime as possible. But it would depend on a lot of factors including network coverage, data pipeline load, etc. Add far as I have seen, the app and the scooter sometimes have a delay that might lead to manually finding the vehicle.


True especially when it is parked in basements of malls and complexes which barely have network reception.

But this will be a great feature as it will help us identify vehicle easily rather than requiring us to walk around the place before finding the vehicle.


Yep, definitely. Before purchasing my Ather I saw people mentioning the “Find my Ather” feature that’s available on the app. I thought this is what they meant.

Alas, I realized later that they’re talking about the tiny dot on my phone!


On second thought, this can be implemented by Bluetooth, and should work within an acceptable range in open basements and grounds. So it is doable, and a good feature.


Yeah, BLE would be the best option. Depending on the Bluetooth chip in Ather, we can have a range of anywhere from 40m to 100m which I think is sufficient for this use case.

Over wifi can be added if necessary but Bluetooth should suffice for most cases.


Already hardware available for this and promised in launch but would be implemented in few years like Bluetooth, tpms software and other bug fixes


@abhishek.balaji Problem : It’s no longer surprising to see another Ather parked next to yours. In fact, I had experienced the same thing, but not with two or three other Athers; there were seven other Athers in the parking lot, including mine; internally, I was happy to see those similar kinds of sporty looking sexy scooters parked beside one another, but it was also creating a mees. Only because of my Ganpati Bappa sticker on the dashboard was I able to identify my Ather, as well as the number plate.

Reason : The feature “Find my vehicle” is not new in cars. But what if it could also be used in the scooter… exciting na?!! I’ve seen some of the rare IC scooters with those features controlled by the app, but they don’t look very good with those halogen bulb Indicator setups. This concept, like the “guide - me - home,” if introduced as a feature in an Ather would be a hit, thanks to those sharp-looking led indicators.

Solution : To be able to work further, we must first introduce a hazard function setup. With an option on the mobile app, similar to Bluetooth, that will illuminate/begin blinking all the indicators supported with short sweet honks for a couple of seconds. Introduced as “Find My Ather” feature.

Important : As this feature will act as an alarm system if we notice any mishaps with our scooter. It should not be used with a proximity sensor, as this will reduce the range between the device and the scooter.

This may be a difficult task for Ather, but nothing has ever been impossible for them. All the best, with lots of optimism and wishes!!

Ather owner if you find this feature practical then don’t forget to vote this.


Devlope a feature in Application That Where Is My Bike …When we Press it Bikes Head and tell Lamp Will Blinks…Its Good to find scooter in Parking …now in days i want to find scooter physically in parkin …think aboit it…not in ola and simple also


I feel the same too. Itll be great if we can find the scooter like how we find airtags using an iphone once we are closer to the vehicle.

Also itll be great if we can remote honk or remote activate indicator sounds through mobile app so that we can spot the bike easier in a big parking lot…


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It will very helpful if thier any option in the Ather app to identify our scooter using Ather app like blinking of indicators etc.