Owners rides December 2020 - Chennai & Bengaluru

Hey Ather Owners,

We’re hosting owners rides in Bengaluru and Chennai on Sunday, 13 December 2020. We waited out this year in Eco mode and ended up with very few opportunities for us to meet each other. After a long hiatus, we’re excited to host the first owners ride for Chennai, and resume the owners rides in Bengaluru. This time, Chennai and Bengaluru ride at the same time! Watch out for an email with the details and a link to RSVP.

Here are the details for Chennai and Bengaluru:


Starting point: Ather Space, Nungambakkam

Reporting time: 10:30 AM

Endpoint: Kriyates


10:30 - 11:00 AM - Coffee and ride briefing

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Ride to Kriyates

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM - Community discussions

12:30 PM - Lunch


Starting point: Ather Space, Indira Nagar

Reporting time: 9:00 AM

Endpoint: Patel’s Inn


9:00 AM - 9:30 AM - Coffee and ride briefing

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM - Ride to Patel’s Inn

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM - Community discussions

11:00 AM - Brunch

Some house rules to ensure you have a smooth experience:

  • Ensure your scooter is charged completely before you start from your home. We’ll have limited spots for charging at the destination. Carry a portable charger if you own one.
  • Please carry a mask and hand sanitizer for your own safety, we’ll carry a few along with us as well.
  • Wear appropriate riding gear for the city, helmets are mandatory for you and your pillion rider (You’re welcome to get someone along for the ride)
  • Follow the safety guidelines and precautions as communicated during the ride briefing. It’s important for the ride to not mess up the traffic.
  • Carry all necessary vehicle documents and a first aid kit. Your vehicle already has one :slight_smile:
  • You won’t have to worry about navigation but do ensure your cellphone is completely charged. We’ll share the contact details of the support staff. If in case of an emergency or if you need assistance, do reach out to them.

We’ll also have a couple of our team members joining the ride, so you can have a chat on what’s cooking at Ather :smiley:


Looking forward to this ride.

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Oh no… I love to join this ride but my new vehicle may not be delivered by then :upside_down_face:. Its in RTO process now, today morning only I got call from ather regarding registration.

A…h what a miss.

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Am waiting that day :heart_eyes:

will the Pre-Odered members get to ride the test ride vehicles if they want to join? As we do not have our Vehicles delivered yet

I am waiting :slight_smile:

I think have Ather scooter

Bro not yet but waiting for white colour .

Oh man! Too soon, I feel we should have kept a ride after another batch of vehicles got delivered. But have fun everyone! Will join you all soon after I get my Series 1 (At registration step) which I doubt will be here by 13th of this month :smiley:

BTW does patel’s inn still have go karting? :star_struck: would be a fun day then !

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@abhishek.balaji I haven’t got any mail regarding the RSVP link. I’m interested to join the ride…

I would like to attend the ride. Pl furnish link to RSVP. Customer care did not help.

Please check your spam folders. For some reason a lot of Ather emails end up in my spam folder.

My home is very near to Patel’s inn. Can I directly come to Patel’s inn ??

In showroom they will issue the tokens

Come to ather space The fun is actually the journey not the destination


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Hi guys,

I have uploaded an amateur edit of today’s meet for kicks… check it out of you like :slight_smile:

Others wwho took videos also pls share .


could not join this ride @chennai . Will not miss it next time.

I was not in town and had to skip this. Nice to see group rides back to normal. Thanks for the quick video. As @abhishek.balaji said, this is the first multicoloured owner ride. That series1 looks so beautiful!

I can a legendary rider at 1:25 of your clip!!

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