Owners meet

wait, I think in Chennai in second owner’s meet @tarun specifically told us that. @abhishek.balaji why is there no more owner’s meet, I miss those biryani

Ya should have another virtual one soon. Maybe like a quarterly sales call + owners meet sort of thing on zoom. @tarun @abhishek.balaji Will that happen Soon too?

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Nice try on the sales call :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes owners meet we can do but I was looking at more focused sessions. Owners meets were good when it was a small set of people, but now with thousands of owners, it can get chaotic very quickly.

  • Battery and charging
  • Software and intelligence
  • Manufacturing
  • Design and build maybe?

Anything else you folks suggest?


A bit of an insight on the degradation you’re seeing on the early 450 batteries would be real reassuring to a lot owners. And what fixed the infamous missing 99,89,79%

This would spark a bit too many 450X owners 🤦

  • Maybe your expansion goals. Because mysore Trichy werent expected to happen so quickly compared to say, Kolkata, or indore
  • Any updates on grid points? Seems to have plateaued.
  • Any chance of a new product around the corner ? A cheaper 450? To go with the new launches this quarter ( Ola and simple )
  • And the thought behind opening up your second experience centre in bengaluru. Wish we could have had an owners meet at the new experience centre. But zoom should do :stuck_out_tongue:

Including future owners is a must!

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Interesting, can explore these. Anything else?

Updates on Indore are a must!! :joy: And like maybe some ground reality you are facing. What it takes to start an EC so that people understand you better. Also maybe you could show different teams working on the issues people in the forum talk about. Office tour? But I guess these especially the last one are video ideas instead of owner meets ideas

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This is for owners only :stuck_out_tongue:

Others can expect a session this weekend hopefully, with a bit more focus on addressing battery and charging anxiety, rather than a catch-all open house.

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How about owners opening Ather grid stations instead of Ather itself which will enable long drive. Our app showing grids available in a particular area, owners can set up grids at their home, small investment and can help this Ather community grow…Ather can give credits for the charges done through grids…our app can verify users/travellers via OTP/qr code to confirm the identity to earn the trust…sharing my thoughts


I see what you did there :no_mouth: , But coming to the topic, it’s always better to have a touch with new and old owners of what can be improved and what can be left out to further improvements, dates of further city launch, mayhem in Andriod dashboard :see_no_evil: but the real question is any future launch of a new product?


That’d be good too. But If it is going to be focussed, could you go all out :sweat_smile:

  • I don’t think there’s any official word on how the battery is calibrated with the buffer. Is it a top buffer bottom buffer.
  • What’s the limitation on regen.
  • Why didn’t you go with active cooling system for the battery ?
  • 52v vs 72v system?
  • Battery replacement for 450s and the present price for it? Data on degradation. And how the BMS is a Handling it
  • Approx present battery price
  • Insight on charging schedules. Should we really put in the effort to keep it away from 100% and 0%? Or is it not worth it ?