Owner Stories - EP6

Welcome to ‘Owner Stories’, a captivating series that shares the unique experiences of Ather owners. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the creative ways these owners utilize their Ather, showcasing the endless possibilities that await.

EP6 - Marghoob Hasan from Bengaluru

This episode of Owner Stories features Marghoob Hasan - a 450X owner and an active community member with a very interesting perspective on Ather.

To tell you a little about Marghoob (@marghoob.hasan), he is a VP at Accenture who focuses primarily on infrastructure projects. But being an engineer by trade, he has a great affinity for all things technology. Just to give you an example, Marghoob talked about his love for Virtual Reality and how he uses an app on his Oculus headset to make his exercise sessions interesting every day. He tells us that it is this same passion and curiosity for technology that drew him toward Ather when he first read an article about Ather Energy back in 2015 when we were just starting out.

Marghoob keenly followed Ather all through those years and when the first round of bookings opened around 2018, he made a booking hoping to return to India from the US by the time deliveries would start. But work needed him to stay back in the US longer than he thought. Marghoob tells us that, throughout his 5-year stint in the US, he would constantly make bookings for subsequent releases but had to either give them away or cancel them.

Finally, in 2022, Marghoob’s desire to own an Ather finally came true when he moved back to India. He specifically recalls the time when he attended Community Day virtually and then made the booking for his Ather the very next day. He also tells us that he finds his Ather very reliable, especially for his use case. Reliability was particularly important to him because of his brother’s not-so-great experience with an EV back in 2013, which they were forced to sell within a month of its purchase. Marghoob tells us that his brother was quite apprehensive about buying an EV up until he got his Ather.

Now, Marghoob’s Ather has become the go-to scooter for his family for a variety of reasons. He tells us that his wife and sister-in-law both use the Ather whenever they want to go buy groceries or even drop the kids at school. Marghoob himself uses the scooter to commute from Yelahanka to Bellandur whenever he needs to work from the office. He also funnily remarked, “My brother being a Bullet guy, now uses the Ather more than his Bullet!”.

When asked about Marghoob’s favorite memory with the Ather, he said that his favorite memory is with the community rather than the scooter. He tells us that he had a habit of catching up with the happenings of the forum before he went to bed. During one such night, he came across a post on the forum from an owner in Mumbai who was having trouble with his charger at an Ather Grid. Marghoob decided to help out and got on a private chat with him to try and guide him to fix the issue. He even made the effort to go down to his garage just to take a video using his Ather that could easily guide the other owner which in turn, helped him reach home before it got any later. This incident particularly caught our attention because it brought a fresh view towards ‘Owner Stories’, where one member of the community helped another get through a tough situation for the sole reason of giving back to the community he loves.

Marghoob recalls a tough time when a lot of forum members kept passing remarks about him being paid by Ather to put up positive posts when in reality, he was just sharing his real experiences with the scooter. Marghoob continues to stick by his statements that he has not faced any problems with his Ather so far, other than the occasional software bugs. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is stories like Marghoob’s that show us why we started the Ather Forum and want to keep building this Community of owners and enthusiasts who can, not only share their love for Ather but also contribute to the community in their own unique way.

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