Owner Stories - EP5

Welcome to ‘Owner Stories’, a series that shares the unique experiences of Ather owners. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the creative ways these owners utilize their Ather, showcasing the endless possibilities that await.

EP5 - Mathew Joseph from Bengaluru

This episode of ‘Owner Stories’ is like no other. This is not one of our first owner-turned-employee stories, but definitely an interesting one to share!

Mathew joined Ather as a Copywriter in November 2022 but has been a part of the Ather family ever since he booked the Series 1, all the way back in 2020. But he was quite frank in saying that owning an Ather is not the reason why he joined the company (and we didn’t coerce him to say otherwise :P).

Mathew’s first ever 2-wheeler was a Royal Enfield 350 classic which he rode to college every day. He says the bike was fast and full of power but was not the most convenient vehicle for his everyday commute. Especially when carrying a lot of things with him, he tells us that he needed something much more utilitarian.

After initially shifting to a Mahindra Rodeo, the TVS Ntorq became Mathew’s go-to for the next few years. He tells us the Ntorq served him well for a couple of years but started causing him trouble with frequent mechanical problems. Around that time, Mathew’s dad had gotten to know about the Ather and suggested he should take a look at it (thank you Mathew’s dad :’) ).

Mathew was impressed with how cool the Ather looked and was even more impressed after trying out the Warp mode. Safe to say that he had finally found a vehicle that met even his simplest needs. Be it buying groceries, meeting his friends, or also being his secret weapon against riders overtaking him from the left, Mathew stands by his decision to go with the Ather (no we didn’t coerce him into saying this too).

While Mathew has told us about how much the Ather appealed to him, he has been quite transparent about some key areas of improvement that he, as an owner, believes to be the next step for Ather as a brand. These key areas include aspects of our vehicle service process that need to be fine-tuned to provide the optimal customer experience.

Mathew still has his Series 1 and rides it to work almost every day. He might also be enjoying the perks of free charging at a secret charging station. He would also continue to write more of Ather’s ads to extend his charging privileges too. :stuck_out_tongue:

While the Ather can be useful to fulfill your thrill-seeking needs, owners like Mathew show us that the Ather is just as useful in the mundane walks of life. Share your interesting and unique experiences with your Ather for a chance to be featured on Owner Stories!


This is awesome ! Ather started off by converting ICE fans to EV and parallelly, owners to employees. Looking forward to more of this :zap:


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That series one really stands out man even now !!!


Dude That Series 1 is also Gen 2 Like Mine :hugs::saluting_face:

The Thing is Gen 2 Series 1 Users waited Longer than Normal Users

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Indeed the vehicle looked cool.


Yes true from a Series 1 owner.

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Yep booked for series 1 in 7th January 2020 got delivery in November 9th 2020.

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Thats So Cool :grinning: I didn’t had that Much Thought or Something that Time

But When I bought NtorQ on 2018, I compared it with Ather 450 :face_with_peeking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank God Atleast I bought a Gen 2 :vulcan_salute:

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