Owner Stories - EP4

Welcome to ‘Owner Stories’, a series that shares the unique experiences of Ather owners. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the creative ways these owners utilize their Ather, showcasing the endless possibilities that await.

EP4 - Tanishq Khare from Indore

This episode of Owner Stories is unlike the others. One underlying storyline with our previous episodes was that the owners have some sort of significant connection with either EVs or Ather itself.

With the fourth episode of our series, we are deviating from this storyline to showcase the experience of one of our young owners - Tanishq Khare (@tanishqkhare)!

Tanishq is a sports management graduate from IIM, working his way up to one day being able to manage the Indian Cricket Team. Other than his obvious love for cricket, he also enjoys watching Formula 1 in his free time. Just FYI - he supports Max Verstappen! And when asked if Verstappen hasn’t won enough already, he casually says “Hamilton had his time, now it’s Verstappen’s!” (We don’t support that by any means :P)

Before laying his hands on the 450X Series 1, Tanishq owned a Dio. He was looking for something he could depend on to get to college and go riding around the city with his friends. He saw his cousin own an EV, but he says that was very ordinary with a lesser range, which didn’t help with his view on EVs. But when the Series 1 launched, that’s all he wanted! The dashboard, smart features, durability and looks of the scooter changed his mind about EVs altogether. When he went to talk to his parents about the Ather, he said, “They’ve never been convinced so easily about any other thing I’ve wanted to buy!”, especially since they didn’t want him to get a bike.

Tanishq made the booking for his Ather around February 2020 and after a long wait, he finally received it in August 2021 as we took a while to open the Indore EC due to the COVID lockdown. His need for a scooter was fairly routine. He would travel to and from college, run errands on it or just go out to meet friends with it. While he does tell us about a long trip he had taken to Ujjain with the Ather which was almost 60kms one way, he’d rather use it as a means to relax and go on a peaceful ride in the night - just his music and his Ather.

But it hasn’t always been a smooth experience with his Ather. Tanishq tells us about a peculiar issue he faced while trying to get his Ather serviced at his local Service Center. He even talks about a few minor software bugs he has noticed over the years. Yet he tells us that he would still consider buying an Ather again since he is enthusiastic about the direction in which Ather is heading.

Tanishq is also very excited about the family scooter that Ather will be coming out with soon! He’s hoping to get the Ather when the time comes as his family has grown to love the scooter as much as he has.

We hope that owners enjoy the simple pleasures of life just like Tanishq does with his Ather, whether it’s a long ride or a short ride! Share your interesting and unique experiences with your Ather for a chance to be featured on Owner Stories!


well everyone is excited about the family scooter.

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https://www.rushlane.com/ather-450x-hr-homologated-2nd-model-with-hr-suffix-after-450s-hr-12481351.html leaks ??? :joy:

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Thank you team Ather for allowing me to share and feature my story. Means a lot! Rooting for you. 🫶🏼⚡

PS. I still support you amidst all the bugs, chaos and experiences. :stuck_out_tongue: