Owner Stories - EP3

Welcome to ‘Owner Stories’, a series that shares the unique experiences of Ather owners. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the creative ways these owners utilize their Ather, showcasing the endless possibilities that await.

EP3 - Parveen Singh from Chennai

The third episode of our series showcases the experience of one of our early owners - Parveen Singh (@power_light2000)!

If you are active on the forum, you are bound to see Parveen actively interacting with the community very regularly. The Ather Forum was introduced primarily for owners to interact and share their insights and we strongly believe that owners like Parveen help bring this vision to life.

Parveen, an electrical engineer from Chennai has always been passionate about automobiles. He started by watching YouTube videos on how to repair small parts of his scooter. His curiosity to learn and fix his scooter kept building and became a passion. This is clear from the fact that he owns 5 scooters and 2 bikes apart from his Ather Gen 1.5. Fun Fact - Parveen has logged over 25,000 kilometers on his Ather and we were glad to know he has a Gen 4 on the way too! He currently has a wholesale tools business and that doesn’t stop him from cruising on his Ather!

Parveen first laid eyes on the Ather all the way back at an automobile expo in Bengaluru. He says that, at that point, EVs were quite slow in terms of speed and in terms of charge times. He tells us that the design language of the Ather, with the dashboard being a feature that really caught his attention, was what appealed to him. Since then, he has been ardently following the development of the Ather up until 2019 when he finally bought his first one!

When asked about what got him into EVs, he simply said that using his decade-old ICE scooter pushed him towards change and that’s when he first got to know about Ather. He confidently said, “Once you get an Ather there’s no going back!”. Just the look and feel of the Ather, really helped him justify his decision to switch to EVs while taking a chance on a then-new company in the market. He specifically recalls Ather’s transparency about its product and even cherishes the memories he made on various meet-ups and rides with Tarun. He uses his Ather to run daily errands, drop his kids off at school and get to work. Doing all this with his Ather makes it fun!

Parveen regularly contributes to discussions across the forum while providing his insights and encouraging more interaction from other members as well. His constant support towards the community, whether through excitement for new announcements or constructive criticism from an owner’s point of view, has always embodied the spirit of the forum. Parveen shared how several Gen 1.5 owners including himself feel that they haven’t been receiving most of the features the last couple of years. This just goes to show us that he truly cares about the community and the brand and always takes the initiative to encourage such a dialogue between Ather and its community through the forum. He concludes by saying that, he is still excited for what is to come especially after he saw Tarun’s recent video and the talk about the family scooter.

It is because of passionate owners like Parveen that we are able to understand the needs and wants of the consumers and grow as a brand. Owner Stories celebrates the journeys of EV owners like Parveen by showcasing their passion for EVs and the limitless possibilities of the technology.

Share your interesting and unique experiences with your Ather for a chance to be featured on Owner Stories!


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