Overnight charging issue!

Recently facing issue while charging athome (at night time). Sometimes when checking at early morning vehicle will not get fully charhed. Got stuck at some point and shows message as “NOT CHARGING”.

Due to which not able to go for the day’s ride, as vehicle may stop at one point of time without getting fully charged. Which is a BUG it seems. Checked with EC and they did some s/w check up in vehicle and said all updates seems ok. Took the charher also, but didn’t said any issue with charger.


Reattach the wire going into the PRCD plug. I had also faced the same issue. Went to SC they opened and tightened the screws.

Are you having voltage fluctuations in the night? The PRCD is prone to trip if there is too much fluctuations, if that is the case, remove PRCD and fix a normal plug.

You using any smart plug?? If yes then check the timer if yu set before

Isn’t this issue related to the Optimised Charging 2.0?