Option to turn off connected features along with motor kill switch

I am noticing that the battery gets discharged without any usage. I understand that it can be because of the connected features.

I am not a user who want to always see the status in the App that too at the cost of 5-10% discharge without any usage. Rather I would prefer to have the connected features turned off as soon as I turn off the motor and save energy.

It will be nice if there is an option in the dashboard that can link the motor kill switch to connected features. I believe with this option we are not going to loose any options such as security or activity logs, as the connection is going to be resumed as soon as we turn on the Motor switch. Let me know if this is something can be implemented.

You could use the Shutdown mode. That completely turns off the scooter and disables the connected features too. Also, it doesn’t discharge much of battery once its Shutdown. Find it on the dashboard, last option.

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But it will take an additional minute or two to wake up the scooter from shutdown mode.

Mine had taken about under a minute I suppose, when I shutdown for a full week. I was quite surprised that it came back on as quick. Honestly, a laptop takes longer to boot up, this is scooter, I don’t think a minute is bad.

Also, in 7 days of shutdown it only discharged ²% battery, which was very impressed. Also, on usually standby, I notice it only discharges about 2-3%, which isn’t bad. Not sure how are you losing more.

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