One Duo to charge them all | Ather Duo

Hey folks!

Many of you have followed Ather for a while. Our Athers have always had the option to choose between a portable charger or a fixed charger.

The recent launch of the Ather Duo lets you experience convenience and portability. Whether you’re in one place or on the go. The handle on the Duo makes it very convenient to carry around and store. Our new Wall Mount accessory helps turn your Duo into a fixed charger when you need it.

New owners of the Ather 450X HR get the Duo charger bundled with their purchase. You can purchase the Wall Mount accessory separately.

The Ather Duo and the Wall Mount are also separately available at all our Experience Centers.

Note: The Duo is compatible with all Athers. The Wall Mount is not backward compatible with old portable chargers. This is because the Wall Mount has a new mechanism that locks the Duo in place.

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