Ola vs ather,?

I guess if you want a good ride experience and great balance then you should go for Ather . Before purchasing the ev scooters,make sure on what kind of roads will you ride, if you ride on a harsh roads most of the times then Ather is best for you and if your ride will mostly be on good quality roads then ola is suitable .

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Agreed. The Ather bike owner gets the privilege to own an EV with indigenous innovations. It is an honour to support the increasing list of subscriptions. On the other hand OLA owners get to join the ever increasing tribe of hyped lot. I would agree they get to zoom past every Ather, crusing at high speeds least bothered about the range.

Ather Forum, give us some more range for being there from the time Gen2 was launched


You have to praise Ola for backporting all features to existing vehicles.Unlike Ather saying homologation won’t allow us to give features to existing vehicles. Slowly but steadily OLA seems better compared to Ather who lost all the goodwill they had built by keeping all software features behind paywall which is pathetic.


Tvs right now.


Ather despite all its negatives is a much better engineered scooter. Ola original design (Etergo) was good and carried over to the Gen 1 Ola. Gen 2 is really bad. New rear swing arm looks like a roadside mechanic mod job. Only problem on the Gen 1 was quality control and no proper charging network. This is where Ather trumps it. Ather however needs to sort out their subscription plans and pricing.


And their lover story with homologation needs to end ?


Ather for the city,its peppy and aggresive in handling.OLA for long routes,very comfortable and relaxed throttle response with features to helping you cover long distances.


Look at this brother Ather is also good in long ride if you drive with good acceleration Delhi traffic status


Today from 82% charging to 52% now i ride 50km inside a place like delhi which prooves the quality of Ather I don’t promote Ather Ola is also good in certain circumstances but the quality of roads in my area are disgusting . And out of 3 ola owner 2 of them have disgusting noise in their vehicle and whole screws got loosen

What i dislike about Ather is that there belt should be covered with some protection and also mudguard should be of advanced quality currently their mudguard is of no use it’s more like a decorative item on the vehicle.


yes but me and my friend take 50km weekend rides and he always ends up with more battery than me with higher average speed on his S1 pro along with having fun with music system,relaxed back posture and cruise control all for being 20k cheaper than 450x

but within city I would prefer athers accelaration and front end feel any day


Bro must be an air.:sweat_smile:, just kidding wow! That acceleration control needs a separate skill. Need to learn that.

Feature range and price ola much better

I have both Ather and tvs iqube. Let me make it simple. For family purpose buy the tvs iqube and for youth and college going get the Ather. Personally I feel tvs iqube is better now.

Ather is so good ev scooter in India