Ola Electric Scooter aka Etergo AppScooter

Ather is clearly overpriced no doubt about that, even if we consider the pricing with the earlier 450, they are milking 40-45k extra profits than they used to get in the 450, since there isn’t any competition in this segment it is easy for them to charge this extra premium.

I think a decent price would be 1.6 lac ex-showroom for the 450x. Surely the sales would have doubled and this would mean Ather would have earnt much more and would have a good market share by now. As far as I know, this is possible because the 450 was priced at 1.3lac (correct me if I am wrong) without any subsidy and 20k is far more than sufficient for the additional minute tweaks in battery, OS and motor and 10k for the extra profits and for them to cover all the past years’ profits when they were doing R&D.

With 1.6 lac, the price that I had suggested earlier not many would be excited for OLA. Then the only thing it would offer better is range and there would be surely other things where Ather would do better (read the whole junk in this thread that I have posted earlier). So if they had priced it like that the market share of Ather would be far more intact even with strong competition coming in.

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Great point! Yes, the pricing is largely a factor of sales volume. But the devil is in the details.

In the volumes the current players are operating in, the pie itself is growing and that’s good for new operators to enter and leverage economies of scale. But at the large volumes Ola is aspiring for, the fight will be for a larger share of the existing pie eventually (there is a limit on how many people are willing to shell out around 1L for a 2W, but boy do I hope I am wrong on this!) at some point in the near future and they can’t just bank on continued high sales numbers compensating for their low margins on unit sale, is what I feel.

Only if Ola manages to capture a good part of the 2W market (best case scenario, close to 50% like it plans to) will it be able to make sufficient profits to cover for materials and overheads on the long run. Else, it will just become a cash burning venture for them, like Bajaj is now seeing with Chetak. Thoughts?

There are people on this Forum who are much more knowledgeable about the manufacturing practicalities than me and might be able to confirm or deny this better, but these numbers don’t seem right to me…


As far as I know the tweaks are not something huge from ather’s perspective as they had the 450 platform already and they had to slightly tweak the battery capacity (yes they used different cells ,but that was to fit in higher energy in that limited space,I think even if it’s a complete new motor it wouldn’t be a substantial difference and the android based os but together for all scooters shouldn’t cost substantially a huge amount,maybe they are charging us that extra margin (only partially justifiable) for setting up that factory at hosur,I don’t see any other reason to charge so much extra and I hope this makes some sense.

Ather themselves agree that volume is the key. With manufacturing improvements and higher volume, Ather reduced the loss / vehicle and came close to profit only recently.

To get higher volumes, Ather should be in a position to sell so much first. That’s why their last 1 year was to increase manufacturing capacity and expansion to other cities.

Apart from improvements in manufacturing, operational expenses, If investor is ready absorb losses for initial years for market share, Ather also can continue to make loss comfortably.

Obviously, for Ather, demand was more than their supply (until recently). When launching 450X and 450 Plus, they chose not to make loss.

When there is enough competition and spare manufacturing capacity, that decision can very well change over time. All depends on competition.


I’m just gonna leave this here

Too many colours


Looks like will come with side foot rest for ladies


I like how the scooters are floating in the air without any “Center stand” or side stand, Auto balancing feature? :crazy_face:

Official pictures updated on Ola Electric’s website.


Is it just me or the ground clearance looks Low

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Atleast they asked. I so wish Ather too asked and gave us greater top speeds to really make it stand out. Inspite of having such powerful motors, we are not able to get high top speeds. :pensive:

@tarun please gift us this small request. Please give higher top speeds. How will you feel an OLA overtaking a bad@$$ product like 450X. Please I am asking for this small gift.


Honestly speaking, at this point with all the fluff from ola I thought their speed will be low, but that doesn’t look like the case. If they have a good speed then I think ather is toast


Yea I agree. I doubt that Ather will fall for this top speed thing even though it will be one of the key features of all EV Enthusiasts. They really need to up their game or do something to kill their competition. Just a short duration boost at the start line will not be a wow factor anymore. Top speed has to be at least 100 - 110 kmph. But with absence of ABS i doubt they will do it. A major miss in Ather :pensive:


People are overestimating the need for top speed in a scooter for it to be successful. Price, availability, and range are the three most important factors (in that order) for electric scooters to be successful in the current Indian market.

If Ather 450x had been priced at ~Rs 1 lakh or even similar to 450 (~Rs 1.15 lakhs), Ather would not have been able to meet the demand in Bangalore and Chennai itself. It will be the same for Bajaj Chetak or TVS iqube.

A well-priced scooter (Rs ~1 lakh or less) that is available across India with a real-world range similar to 450x (~85 km) will sell better than most popular petrol scooters like Jupiter, Access, etc… If it has a range of 120km or more then I believe it will give Activa a run for its money.


If Ola is shipping overseas next quarter, can we assume India deliveries should be commencing in next quarter too? :thinking:


Just found out from another forum that the batteries are going to be fixed. :expressionless:


Its a good thing. But the banana shaped battery pack was cool. It will he missed for sure.

A few more spy shots.

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