Ola Electric Scooter aka Etergo AppScooter

These guys really have their software optimised. A 4KW battery in S1 Pro is giving 181km IDC range where I think usable should be around 3.7 or 3.6KW. Ather 450X has a 3.7KW, usable is 3.2KW and it gives and IDC range of 146kms. If Ather optimises software they can squeeze in 10-20kms more.


Great to see a variety of options to choose from. Didn’t expect this. Ola might corner 50% of ev market share with this lineup.


To have an idea about range in different modes they need to test scooters for some months. I guess that’s why they have pushed deliveries to July.

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They’re already the most sold EV in the country and now they won’t just sell to new customers but they’ll also be taking some potential iQube customers. And just this announcement itself might make iQube sales drop the next few months leading up to S1 Air deliveries. Only the simple One undercuts ola at this price point. 4kWh S1Air ticks most peoples boxes for an EV.

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Ola success is mainly due to pan India delivery from the starting, instead of Bengaluru, Delhi and other metro cities only. There are many buyers outside these cities and they had only option of Ola (besides the trash chinese local brand).

I only hate Ather for this reason that they don’t have pan India delivery option.

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ADAS in a scooter


Will share more in a tech demo soon! pic.twitter.com/8GVirNMOAP

— Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) March 18, 2023

No Not ADAS, More like a collision warning system, or just a Camera recorder, like DVR, For something to be ADAS, a scooter needs self-balancing, auto accelerating, auto turning, auto brakes, ABS, LiDAR, Too expensive, PS, where is the rider going to place his/her hands?

ADAS has levels. it does not mean full self driving. ADAS simply means driving (or in this case, riding :p) assistance.

LiDAR is not necessary either. Tesla has moved to camera-only autopilot as well.

auto acceleration can already be achieved. regen can be used for deceleration.

the hands will be on the handles of course :joy: it will most probably only help with acceleration and braking (or collision avoidance) and possibly dashcam.

in the prototype theyve mounted it in place of the mirror. lets see how it unfolds.

they’re using OpenADAS

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open ADAS, ahh, didn’t think of it, Still, years to come, and also way ahead in terms of software in comparison to Ather.

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