Okinawa Oki100 - Electric motorcycle

Okinawa will launch a 100% localised, electric motorcycle Oki100 in Q3 2020-2021, priced around Rs. 1 Lakh. The Oki 100 is expected to have a power equivalent to a 125 cc motorbike and will compete with the Revolt RV400. The conceptual Oki100 is powered by a 72V 63Ah lithium-ion battery that can push the e-motorcycle to a maximum speed of 100 km/h and provide it a range of 150 km. The battery is swappable, comes with fast charging as standard and can be charged in two hours. Like its competitors, the Oki 100 will get an all-digital instrument cluster and most of the features can be accessed through a mobile app.

The Oki 100 is expected to sport disc brakes at the front and rear with mono-channel ABS, LED headlamp and taillamp, and connected tech with the help of a dedicated SIM.

If their promises on features and capacity actually convert to reality when launched, then it would be an incredibly impressive bike I guess!

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In EV as of now ather is best. I think next 2 year no one compute with ather.


True, though I anticipate that in the coming year, the EV market will organically segregate into two clear segments: scooters and bikes. The audience to which they cater are actually a bit different and while scooters like Ather will continue to be versatile and for the whole family, EV bikes will focus specifically on guys who love what bikes are known for: speed, agility and styling.

In other words, I wouldn’t go too far comparing these new bikes against Ather and seeing if they are a potential competition to it since their target audience are different to a good extent. I guess that would be an apples to oranges comparison.

But if I was forced to compare, I would say that while more bikes might come into the market with excellent specs to cater to its niche segment, Ather will continue to be the overall EV 2-wheeler market leader in India at least in the near future…

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Okinawa has been the complete antonym of Ather. None of their scooters matched claimed specs, unlike Ather where the specs continue to exceed the claims! Their top-speed figures are fake, so are the range figures. Worst, Okinawa scooter’ chassis are breaking down very easily, showing weak structural design or bad manufacturing quality. That is very very unsafe. Okinawa has singularly damaged the reputation of electric scooters as a whole especially with their Praise model. All of their models are copied from a Chinese company. Though their founder in several interviews has claimed that it is their own design, they have never taken any action of copyright infringement against the Chinese company which proves the claims are again false. Apart from Ather, I would trust the long proven Yo Bikes and Hero Electric over any product from Okinawa.

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I apriciate this very much that even though okinowa is a compitator brand and they are claiming more range and speed than Ather you are posting this in the forum.

This actually reflects how Ather is confidant and how they trust their product. One need the guts to share the compitators product in their forum.

I am now very much confidant about Ather.