Official statement: recent fire in Hosur

Hey folks,

Some of you would have come across social media posts about an incident involving a truck catching fire. On March 1, 2024, a truck transporting Ather scooters via Hosur Road experienced a fire incident due to contact with a low-hanging high-voltage electric power transmission line. The packaging material used around the scooters ignited, and the fire spread to the scooters on the upper deck as a result.The ignition of the packaging material was due to the sparks generated (arcing) by the high-voltage cables touching the truck’s container.

There were no injuries reported, as the driver promptly parked the vehicle away from traffic upon noticing fumes and notified local authorities. With the assistance of the fire brigade and the locals, the fire was swiftly contained.

While rare, similar incidents have been reported in the past, showing the need for adequate height of transmission lines. We are in touch with relevant authorities regarding this risk in multiple areas and are working closely with them to address it.


Quick response !Good reporting .


Thank god no one was harmed

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Love the transparency, while other companies keep mum you guys talk about it :handshake:


Well explained. Left nothing to speculation