Noticable decrease in ride efficiency

I’ve been noticing atleast from July 14th that my rides have been less efficient by 5-10 wh/km even though I’ve not changed the way I ride. (I used to average around 40 - 45 wh/km before now it’s around 50-55 wh/km)

Yesterday I tried to be as smooth and efficient as I could which in the past has gotten me around 25 wh/km however was 36 yesterday.

I check and maintain my tyre pressures every week, and they are not the problem here.

The software version I’m on is 5.6.

Anyone else facing similar issues?


Even I’ve observed slightly degraded efficiency, but mine used to be 26-27 now it’s 28-29… So not as bad as yours… And my best guess atleast with my area might be due to rains and muddy roads, because of which I have to constantly apply breaks


Do you experience any drag while riding? You might wanna check your brake calipers which sometimes jam and lead to very high consumption, and scooter should struggle to even move when you try moving with feet.


So what’s the solution cuz am facing it T-T


Same here ppl…see this drop off late


The ride efficiency issue is resolved for me after the 102328 update

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Visit nearest Service Center, and they should take a look at what’s wrong.


Same Problem. I thought i’m only facing this Problem.


Yes, I too noticed decreased efficiency in my Ather 450x bougjt in 2021. I gave for servicing when it reached 10kms. After the service when my vehicle reaches 35%, each km it drops 7%-8%per km and thus I am unable to use my vehicle. That means I cant trust my vehicle to take to nearby places when the charge is 35%. I had freat hopes and was enjoying yhe ride with Atjer for 2years and suddenly this issue. Even my service centre RAAM Ather in Nungambakkam, Chennai is unable to resolve it. They kept my vehicle for 1week without doing anything and returned it.


Your average speed shows how you’re maintained low speed …

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That’s rough man, 7-8% per Km would mean you’re not even getting 15-20 km per charge.

This in just 2 years is worrying😨


I too experienced ride efficiency drop, that too very suddenly. The dealer adviced me to check tyre pressures. After filling air to optimal pressure levels, the range increased slightly towards previous levels. But still it is well below the ideal. Maybe my charge loss in idle mode is more as I have days when my vehicle is not taken out.


My scooter too had an update last week and still i dont see any difference whatsoever

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I have been driving it daily since the update. I have not noticed any efficiency issues till now. I am getting the same wh/km as the v5.5

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Check your tyre pressure, even the slightest change in tyre pressure has it’s effects on efficiency.

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Me too facing the same issue. Bought the vehicle in 2021 september, covered upto 36k kms , there is some range issue in my vehicle.

Same here I have notified the same