Not Recieved any Reply From Ather for Ather Fast Charger Installation

I have already emailed 2 times and waited 15 days for reply they have given me a form that I have to fill I have filled it now 7 days gone no reply from Ather team now how can install fast charger in my area. Here almost 20 to 30 Athers are there that also of Wagholi area other areas I don’t have idea but there is no fast charger always have to charge with portable charger which takes time when we have some work but when battery is not charged it takes time and delays work.

Email Screenshot

Thats not how a fast chargers are installed. Only a business entity or a person of interest which owns a land can request the fast charger installation at their place. Ather does not install fast chargers just because there are a lot of 450 in the area.

What you can try is approach any business who has 3 phase atleast 10Kw line for Ather fast grid. Has a dedicated parking. And is publicly accessible. Only then they can approach Ather to install a fast grid.