Normal charging 80% ? Cant do 100% charge at Dot Charger After update 5.8

Cant do 100% charge at Dot charger ( home charger ) why so?? After Update :roll_eyes:

After update it will charge till 100% after midnight it’s called optimised charging 2.0

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Only if you keep it for charging between 6 pm to 1 am. It can however be disabled

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Plug it at 5.59


I plugged in my charger (portable) at 11:30PM last night. It started by showing estimated time of 03:45AM for 80% charge. It actually reached 80% at 05:00AM. And now it is showing estimated time till 100% as 07:30AM.

8 hours for a full charge is a huge duration! I’ve never seen the Ather take more than 5-6 hours for charging. Is there any way to find out what is causing this issue?

Disable optimised charging

Actually I just checked, I’m still on 5.7 version

Might be a glitch. See if it happens again

It might just be that the power went off in-between. Are you sure that didn’t happen?

Disable optimised charging form menu