No crowding at Ather Grids across Kerala

Hey folks!

The Ather Grid network has been rapidly expanding across the country in the last few months. Today, we’re at 1500+ chargers across the country, making it the largest 2W fast charging network in India.

To improve the availability and accessibility of chargers, we brought in paid charging at multiple Ather Grid charging stations across the country. Starting 6th December 2023, charging at Ather Grid fast chargers across Kerala will be available at a fee of ₹ 1/min + GST too.

Paid charging will ensure that owners charge at Ather Grids only for the duration needed, and free up chargers to those who really need it.

You will be able to manage your charging experience at Ather Grids on the Ather App, allowing you to view nearby Grids, make payments and check the charge status of your scooter.

If you’ve purchased your Ather during the Ather Electric December (2022), charging at Ather Grid will continue to be free for the duration of the offer.

And for our Ather 450 (Gen 1 and Gen 1.5) owners, who’ve been our longest flag bearers, Ather Grid charging will continue to be free.


why can’t we go all over India simultaneously, as most users still take out major benefits on free charging.


I guess they do it in the states where the EV adoption is already high.

Free charging would be one of the selling point though.


Can’t believe the December offer is ending within a month. Didn’t even have the privilege of enjoying it, with how crowded the grids were in times of necessity :no_mouth:


Welcome to the club ‘Kerala’ :grinning:

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I dont know why keeping this high charge. Per Unit charge is Normal amd acceptable. But as per the given rates within 1hr/upto 80%( optimized charging) we max use <2kw unit curre t. For which we need to pay 60+GST, which is high. @tarun @swapnil.iitm Plz rethink on the rates🙏


If Ather is charging premium for charging i have small suggestion to Ather team please do consider this. Provide a shade and a bench to seat n get the scooter charge currently many people wait in hot sun to charge their scooter. Many locations are not even coffee shop or restaurant wer people can seat.


If Ather don’t reconsider the rates they will be ditching their own sales.People will rethink for OLA.We are already paying almost 2lacs for the vehicle.Lot more EVs are gonna come.They should think about it #ripather


Bro Already We are Paying 4+ Months

We consume like 2 Unit and Ather paying the Host 1 Unit * 16 RS here in Tamilnadu

So 36 RS Going for Host for an Hr

Balance 24 Only for Ather, They have spent money on Infra and Need to Maintain it na bro


Congratulations in Advance for the People who are gonna buy Oila :eyes:

Guess the most affected people will be Swiggy and Zomato people in Kerala.


Please Provide Ather fast charger in Alathur or Vadakkenchery In Palakkad District Kerala

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This is not fair. If you want to get the best out of it when you spend 2 lakh rupees, charging should remain free. Otherwise, every new customer will have to think differently from Ather. A new customer will not be interested in recommending this brand. This is a major setback for new customers

Now that’s the kinda stuff we need to sink into.Most of the people doesn’t give a duck for wat other person might be wanting .The guy whose kept the vehicle for charging and left would not even show up even after the 80 percent.So the monetization of Grid is a welcome addition…People might have different opinion but I personally feel this is much needed…Just charge wen u really want to.


Exactly. This is how much it would cost to charge from 15-80% with the given pricing:

I don’t think the charge hoarders will be here with such pricing, but the ones who need a charge in an emergency can survive the current pricing. I’d gladly pay ₹5-₹7 for a 5km charge just to reach home and continue charging there.

But if there were no charges, there would be a scenario like this, which I went through and it was awful:


If the pricing of Ather’s new charging grid is perceived as too high, it could potentially lead to customer dissatisfaction and reduced enthusiasm for Ather’s electric scooters. High charging costs may act as a deterrent for prospective buyers and existing customers, impacting the overall adoption of Ather’s vehicles. This could contribute to a sense of financial burden, discouraging individuals from choosing electric scooters as a sustainable transportation option. It’s crucial for Ather to consider customer affordability and market dynamics to maintain a balance between sustainable business practices and customer satisfaction.

Reads like a ChatGPT response. What has happened to the Forum :joy:


ChatGPT becoming more Human!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Fair Pricing should be the ask and ofcourse not free Right now this time based pricing do not makes any sense , I stay in a apartment with a Ather grid right next to entrance gate this was also a factor which influenced my buying decision however paying at per min pricing with the GST is an overkill i dont think Ather will be able to monetize charging infra this way they must reconsider the pricing else its no point in maintaining so many chargers with barely folks using it…

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The Users from Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu & Karnataka are paying charges for last 4 months…