NIJ Automotive EV

Yet another brand making some noise these days…

Seems like there is limited info available on their site right now, but they have been posting teasers actively on their Instagram page.

For now, their ‘Accelero’ model appears to be available for purchase for Rs.44,444 and ‘Flion’ for Rs.47,000/-, which is quite low if you are not looking for a high-spec EV.

Edit: What is interesting is that they claim their EVs have something called “One Touch Repair” that in case of any issue lets riders fix electrical breakdowns temporarily until they reach their destination.

Many of these Chinese EVs and even a few hero electric scooters have this already I think

How does it work exactly though? There is a backup system that kicks in to revive the EV or something?

Not sure. There’s no auxiliary battery in any of those EVs so that’s ruled out. I was assuming it’s some low capacity accesory wiring and some cheap controller connecting the battery and motor allowing low power. Because I think most of the issues will be in the wiring/ controller especially so with these Chinese scooters and their product exposed wiring.

Could be something like a limp mode, which wont ‘fix’ issues, but is akin to entering ‘safe mode’

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I suppose. But if the wiring is the issue then it would make it redundant, right? And I think we have to hold that weird button down to get power. Not sure. Strange…

Interesting. If anyone knows any of these Chinese brands with such a feature, please link? Would love to understand how they introduce redundancy for a system with so many components, each with its own range of potential failures!

I agree. These would be only for known errors similar to M017, etc. Somewhere in the fine print there might be *for software and sensor errors only. I don’t think ₹47k will include a redundant line or aux supply. (only seen in Terminator and recently in the Falcon’s suite)