New tech in battery

I wonder if Ather is silently cooking something in battery tech


The main drawback of Sodium battery is power density. Sodium is by nature heavy as a molecule, and hence has bad weight to power density ratio.

But it has potential to replace lithium in other applications like, big energy storage or power tools where weight does not matter. This will surely help ease the demand for lithium and that cost saving should trickle down us, EV owners.

The weight and power density is the reason why 2W uses NMC instead of LFP which is much more thermal stable.

And Ather does not do R&D in battery tech, they just buy it from the suppliers. Tarun has explained this in one of his interview. Battery require R&D budget of tech but give profit margin of commodity.


Ather must Introduce New Battery Tech


I hope they are working on something who knows maybe it’s in R&D now ongoing