New Saree guard?

Did Ather silently upgrade saree guard for newer generation scooters?

Check the photo above for reference. It is thicker and stronger.


Yeah, they have. Looks quite sturdy unlike the fragile piece of metal the previous Athers have.


Looks good

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Looks better. But also the mounting seems changed if it is then won’t be compatible with previous gens.

Yes, continuing the famous Ather tradition, it isn’t backward compatible…


Yes my Gen 4 has the new saree guard.

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This looks more sturdy. Not that I have any issues with the current one… But this one looks good

No it is compatible just got it put on my gen 3 today and it’s does feel way more sturdy and reduces unwanted noises from it flailing around from the previous version.


Good to know…

I commented whatever I was communicated by EC

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493 ?? Bruh ???

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