New feature trials for Non Ather Connect Subscribers

Hey folks!

As you all know, we’ve released the ‘Traffic on Route’ and ‘2-Wheeler maps’ features and we are opening up Ather Connect to a few users for a limited time to try out our new features! This is open to Gen 2, Gen 3 and Gen 3.1 owners and this limited time trial will be open only for 15 days.

Here’s what you’ll try:

  • Onboard Navigation
  • Push location from WhatsApp
  • Calls and Music control
  • Find My Scooter
  • Theft and Tow alerts
  • Ride Statistics
  • And a lot more!

What’s new?

  • Revamped live traffic on route experience
  • 2-wheeler-specific maps and routes
  • Major fixes of bugs in navigation

What’s our requirement?:

  • Ather 450X Gen 2, Gen 3 and Gen 3.1 owners who currently do not have an active Ather Connect subscription.

When does the trial period start?:

Towards the end of December 2023

Fill out the form below to be a part of this trial:


Nice way to promote the Connect subscription to non-subscribers!

A suggestion to the team: Please give a list of known issues of each update, so that we are not in the dark.

This feature is consistently not working consistently on Android 14. Yes, you read it right lol

It works on first pairing with the scooter, but then when you turn off the scooter after a ride and turn on (even after a short time), it disconnects from your phone and the re-pairing process is glitched out. It doesn’t allow pairing unless you turn Bluetooth on and off multiple times on both devices.

It’s so annoying, especially when I got a new helmet headset I got specifically for usage with this feature :joy:

Atherstack 11.5.10, Gen3X with Connect subscription, App version 9.1.0, Android 14 (UD1A.231105.004)


Being an Ather connect user I am not getting these features I mean this just a load of stupidity from Ather all together

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Can you fix the Optimised Charging Bug

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Good step PPL will love the traffic view

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What kind of requirement is this? Can you refund the money that I paid for connect subscription so that I can opt for this?


It’s just 15 days trail.

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I have a 3 year Ather connect subscription yet I don’t have access to these features. I am still stuck on 11.5.8

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Hmm… I see they are playing the similar role what Redhat Linux did.

Release unstable build as CentOS to the users for free. Once that feature/fix is stabilized it would be released to Redhat enterprise users for money.


Apparently the form is giving some error, i cannot sign up for this new feature.

Can you share a new link of Google forms ?


It works on chrome Open up the forum from chrome

Same here not working on Android 14


It’s a 15 day trial for Non - Ather Connect subscribers.

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I am out ,as already Ather connect subscriber.

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Just received 202349 today. Thank you for silently listening, the Bluetooth seems to work somewhat reliably now.

At least I don’t need to reconnect every ride. Sometimes it disconnects while riding, but I only need to stop and tap on the “Connect to paired devices” prompt to reconnect. Much improved than before.

Will test and see if Optimised Charging works tonight, or if I’ll be stuck at 50% tomorrow.

Edit: seems like Optimised Charging also works, had 100% charge in the morning.

But the Bluetooth is still inconsistent, connects when turning on the scooter but disconnects mid ride. Need to stop and reconnect multiple times, not a very good system

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