New facelift?

When will the new facelift version of Ather vehicles come in 2022…It was said that it would be released by 11th of July and they said they will be launching by 15th of July…When iwill the new version launch???Coz there are other options too like Ola etc…If you give us a clarification maybe we would search for any other brands if the launch would take time…

If you are looking for an Ather you have to wait,even if new version launches the wait times are 4-5+ months in big cities.So you can book and wait like thousands of other customers or go for an other option in market which are available within a month if you want a scooter asap


Yes simple one and Ola both are good scooter Range or other features also good according to the Ather my friend have ola and he is very happy to get good range and pick And i swear it’s go faster then Ather


But the only problem is there aren’t as many as Ola and Simple One vehicles running on road when compared to Ather…Moreover Ola in TamilNadu has a very bad impact coz it caught fire on the road and a woman who owned Ola got only 18kms range due to some technical failures…The only thing I chose Ather was there wasn’t bad reviews about it…Speed doesn’t matter…You’re not going to be riding in 120KMPH😂though…So safety is the major concern that’s the reason I chose Ather…But I don’t know how many days it’s going to take to deliver the 3rd Gen hopeful that it would be delivered in 20-30 days😶…


You better go for Simple One of Simple Energy its the Ather Killer go check out their website at

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Maybe if it takes time I won’t hesitate to do that💯

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Simple one is a completely new player. I would not advise anyone to pick it for 6 months after its launch.


In this case nobody buy simple one :smiley:

Moreover they have no showrooms built till now .So it’s a complete risk if we get into Simple One…Maybe if they say it would take 1 year to deliver the vehicle then I would go for Ather 450x itself…Your opinion’s right…

Not like that…It should circulate to the good YouTube reviewers after that maybe if the reviews are good we may get into it…But still we don’t know the time to deliver the vehicle…What if they say it would take 1 year to deliver it??..No use of buying the vehicle as new model of Ather would come in 2023…So whatever it maybe Ather 450x still stands the first in EV vehicles…