New ather testing in hulimavu area ,Bangalore 13/24

I have seen few Ather are being tested in hulimav area in bangalore, its been two weeks i have seen random 405s and 450x multiple times ,are they are increasing range ,wish its is back compatible

Range cannot be backwards compatible as the battery size changes. (If at all)

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U know having coasting regen range was increased by 5kms on gen 4 Other that that they can’t do anything unless the battery pack is physically larger

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Yeah, 5 kms is still minor. You can do it somewhat via software and power control but not significantly unless there is a bigger battery.

So true I still hope they give us that silent update :pinched_fingers::joy:

450 series may get a upgrade in april with magic twist and belt cover along with a 3.7kw 450S as it got registered a while ago

Camouflaged Ather’s are constantly on the road testing new software or hardware changes.

I wouldn’t get too excited unless you see that the shape/size characteristics are significantly different.

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Let us know if you find the New upcoming Family scooter. Without camouflaged.


I have seen today 21/jan a family bike in morning 10 am ,cannot confirm that it is Ather , but completely camouflaged in black , front is large looks like dashcam is there ,might be testing,

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You might have seen a Rivot nx100, afaik they are the only one doing a front DVR setup in their upcoming scooter.

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Bro Whats is the Meaning of Backward Compatibility

I think They are testing something for Exisiting Users But Not Extra Range

Also I heard They are Testing the Ritza in and around Elec City Area covered with Full Black Wraps :thinking:

Bro Maybe 3.7 kW 450S Possible But Belt Guard and Warp+ is a Huge Question Mark Bro :thinking:

Do you believe they do it !!

forget warp+ but belt cover might come as swing arm will be mass produced for apex as that holds it so atleast it could be bought as accessory for new S & X


Even I wish the Same bro, If We all have that Belt Cover - It may help us have our belt for a bit long KMs

Will See

All in the Hands of @tarun and Team

During the apex unveil they said will support don’t remember properly if we ware talking about being expensive or not supporting :smiling_face_with_tear:

They didnt mention like that i think :sweat_smile:

But Wheee Camp II You Remember?? What they said

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Nothing is backwards compatible so hey wait a minute all those ware apex some had speed and some had magic twist And they don’t have that belt cover.

And yet in this new apex unveil it had that belt guard Am definitely sure it’s backwards compatible Btw we are gettin out of topic

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