New Ather grid points chicken egg problem

So, a few of us tried reaching out to potential businesses that could host a grid and get benefit off it. We also tried reaching out to the grid team by mail to get things moving. But…

:rooster: The businesses want a proposal so that they can understand and move items based on it. But on contacting the grid team, we just get robotic responses.

:egg: It is hard for us to initiate a conversation between the businesses (top level) and the grid team, due to pragmatic reasons. This blocks out the efforts from our side to further the grid.

Not sure if the team is just waiting on the v2 charger to come by. But there is neither incentive for the userbase nor peace of charging for potential buyers. I do not think this will survive the coming tsunami of new scooters.

Currently the businesses we talked to are waiting for :rooster: a proposal from our side, and maybe the team is waiting for :egg: an “official” mail from the businesses. We need a better white-glove from the grid team than this if things have to move on with expanding the grid.


@abhishek.balaji @sanith.vernekar Yes…It’s the truth. We have been tried to enlarge the grid points accross Cochin region on various business enterprises. All of them were asking the proposal.

We mailed the Grid team for the same but getting pathetic responces.

Some of the business enterproners can volunteerly asking about the process of grid & if needed they are agree to provide support other than the grid space.

Owners from kochi region will expecting a helpful response from ather energy on this matter.


The only grid points are available in Kochi City, And none present in even 20km away from Kochi, even though there are many owners here. Please send the proposals for interested businesses so that more owners on the outskirts of the city too can use the grid.


Even though selling as City scooter the ather has potential for all the the rides other than the city. I think the ather should implement more ather grids in different parts of the the state to expand its user base to all areas. It will be a Win-Win for existing users and also for ather to add more customer base in smaller cities and rural areas. I recommend ather to not limit themselves in the cities.

Most of the rides are based on daily commuting, the fast charging is an important thing that make sense other than cheap electric scooters. So installing ather grids other than in the city would make it perfect for ather to gain a huge customer base in Kerala.


Many of us in this group can talk to businesses,some supermarkets & coffee shop chains for getting charger’s installed at their premises. Ather grid support team have to take more initiative in talking to those guys for charging infra development.

Atleast we could take our vehicle to nearby districts. Let’s Start thinking of fast charging setup every 20 km radius.