Net Promotor Score aka NPS

NPS is a measure used to calculate the customer’s loyalty to brands. Let’s see how Ather performs.

Wikipedia link for NPS for more info.

Formula: NPS = % promoters - % detractors

+ve NPS represents the customers are loyal to the brand.

This poll is for the vehicle only, not the add-ons or other products that are sold by Ather.

  • I would recommend Ather to my friends and family
  • I would not recommend Ather to my friends and family
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While it is okay to measure loyalty of any brand, I do believe that there are some criticism in the way questions are presented in the NPS method.

For example, it is possible for someone to recommend a specific product of the brand, but not all the products of the brand itself, and NPS doesn’t capture it perfectly.

There are other concerns as well:

  1. The population, as a whole, will only be this forum’s active members itself, and will not include other buyers, inactive members, etc.
  2. The poll created here isn’t an exact implementation of the NPS. It requires a ‘why’ question as well, and it is even mentioned in the link shared by the OP.

I’d be happy to be corrected if I have mentioned anything wrong


Thank you for approving the post.

We can’t get feedback from all the owners who bought it. I feel it is better place to get feedback in forum rather than any public places like Twitter, where the public can change the outcome. Anyway the ratio is measured to compute the outcome, so I feel it is fine.

Ather currently sells 3 products, few add-ons and merch. The question is about the vehicle. I’ll update it, if it is not clear.


Ather promises features then don’t deliver them. Many customers bought their scooters not only for their build quality but also for the features which they promise like cruise control and advance regen and long software support. But only in 7 months the gen3.1 has become obsolete and old for Ather. Forget about some advance regen they are not even giving the coasting regen features to existing gen3.1 even these scooters have the hardware needed. And when we compare other companies like OLA which are giving soo many new features and also updating their current features like improving regenerative braking and what not. Ather says they are not able to provide features because of Government rules but on the other hand god knows how ola is doing whatever they want with software update. Because of all these reasons i will and many owners of gen3.1/3 will not going to recommend Ather to others. Their scooters has a life cycle of only 6 to 7 months in terms of getting any significant riding updates which is very less.


Sorry I cannot recommend a scooter for 1,90,000 Rs to friends and family. I purchased it because the sales guy said you will get all features.(Purchase Date 12-08-23) It was too late before I got a clarification from Ather executive. How would you feel when you get a product which is outdated for its price? When major rewamp is given to a scooter in just 6 Months. When you build hype around features and never deliver it? This will continue with the future models too as the company wants to make profit. YOU HAVE TURNED INTO A COMPANY WHICH WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BECOME. Please go re watch what you said during your Ather 340 launch.


So the Net Promotor Score is -28 on a scale of -100 to +100.

The score clearly indicates that the existing customers are not loyal to the brand.

@tarun please make a note.


If promises are kept why won’t be people loyal to the brand? On one hand you have early adopters get free charging, On the other side you see gen 2 adopters who got great subsidy and free charging. Now we have gen 3.1 subscriber’s who don’t have access to free charging, No access to Servicing package , and pay 1.90 lakh for the vehicle with no promised updates.

Wrong time to take this survey, If it was 2021, the rating would be trashing the field, Besides not all the owners are up in the forum, and the half-baked scores are limited to only very limited channel(this Forum). if you need a real score, try publishing in all media, social networks then average it out. I’m sure it will be much better.


Even for average user who doesn’t expect the scooter improves over updates after purchase,Ather has kinda failed on expansion of shops/service.They targeted big cities where flat owners have trouble charging where as OLA was shipping scooters everywhere to even rural areas where people can charge at home.

In my town OLA has big experince center along with service center (before that OLA service truck visited regularly) compared to Ather’s popup which only works 3 days a week only for deliveries.How am I suppose to recommend a Ather when nearest SC is 90kms or buyer has to wait 2 months for service camp just to be ignored by them cause of limited time they get in 2 days of camp.

My area has hundreds of athers bought from 100+kms away yet Ather doesn’t even bother to put a small SC here.


I agree, may be the time is wrong.

But there is no way to get feedback from all customers.

Also as I started before, posting a survey in other social media will not give a correct result, as the public can skew the results. The forum would be the right place to get the right ratio.

It will be statistically more accurate when more number of owners take the survey. Anyway the results are calculated based on percentage.

As of now 35% of existing owners recommend Ather; remaining 65% doesn’t based on current sample size.


I donno How i do it in Future but I always Convince myself to by an Ather Product