MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!

Would definitely be interested if I receive my Ather by that time. :smiley:

We’ll surely go Maga. Once you have it. #Mahalakshmipuramgang

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Religion seems to be an issue for me, need to go-to church Sunday morning at 7 am. If any Saturday drives happening or Sunday 9 am on wards drive possible then i am in

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I missed all that fun…

But here I am, Traveling in Dubai Metro(Electric without driver).
Also Dubai Trams are awesome…Uploading:… Uploading: IMG_20190722_211115.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190722_211733.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190722_205026.jpg…

These are from inside of red line of metro
Uploading: IMG_20190722_200033.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190722_200633.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190722_200619.jpg…

Also I tried TESLA showroom but it was closed…

Lastly the Burj Khalifa


I am in. I was also thinking of driving to a serene, scenic place with all the green creds the scooter has.

I would love to join, although I live on the other side of Bangalore from everyone else :-).

Have you guys visited Avani? This small town has some amazing ancient temples which are around a thousand years old. If we could find a place to charge at Kolar or Malur, it would be a great trip.
Another nearby place is Kurudumale near Mulbagal.


nice to hear

also lucky to have couple of colleagues who can help us in Kolar

so, there is one more place to add on checklist

people raise ur hands

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Suggest we select such places which are 80-90 km to and fro from the nearest Ather grid and we can visit such places on Saturdays. Since I have commitments on Sunday mornings for church…

+1 that

hey buddy

shall we go to avani this week

we have help at kolar

also anyone interested

may be this Saturday or Sunday

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Up for anything on saturday. Sunday is a deadlock for me

You can count me in. What time do you usually start ?

like 5am

so that we have good time to charge in kolar

Ok, I’m in. I will meet you guys in Kolar as I can ride via Sarjapur-ChikkaTirupathi-Malur-Kolar route to reach there directly.


then this Saturday top Avani via kolar

interested can join

for now me, @hunt4dj and @Phani.S confirmed

waiting for more

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I do need to borrow a portable charger from someone. I wanted to get one but Ather doesn’t have it in stock right now.

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Hey guys, I stay at kalayanagar. I want to go to nandhi hills on my ather, I have seen videos on YouTube of people who went on ather, CAn you guys help me plan the charging stops?

Hi there!!

You can easily go to Nandi Hills if you maintain a constant speed of 60kmph from HRBR Layout.

Once reached, you can charge your Ather at the mechanic shop( before or after the climb as you think is better). I prefer after the climb, give him some money 50₹, do grounding jugad, park the vehicle safely and head out for breakfast.

After a nice breakfast, sit and enjoy the rural view while it is charging.
Charge only till about 80% and move else it will take a very long time.

Start with 100%.
Keep atleast 30% battery for the climb (you don’t need any charge for coming back… gravity does the job).
Ensure there is no power outage while the vehicle is charging.
Take extension wire along with the travel charger, and don’t forget a copper wire for grounding).
Don’t forget that it is away from Ather’s serviceable area… Any problems and you are in a big trouble.
Try to use as less charge as possible ( start slowly and use regen)

All the best dealing with the traffic in the weekend!!


How do you use the copper wire for grounding?


@Abhishek is the best person to answer this question!!