My shoutout to Ather service guys

I would like to give a big shout out to @Srinivas & @Ramesh from @atherspace.bglr

Last week I gave my vehicle for service and during that time I took the service person’s vehicle to use until I get my vehicle. During that time I went for some shopping and came back. I left my set of cards(card holder) in the boot space and completely forgot about it.

Now eventually I forgot and didn’t realise till two days ( Thanks to UPI🤦‍♂️) I had no need to use till then.

When the service person found it in his boot space later as it is black in colour it took a couple of days for him to identify. I thought I lost it some where and had no idea that I left it in the boot space, I searched every where in my house and checked where I used it last finally I blocked the cards temporarily.

Yesterday MR RAMESH AND MR.SRINIVAS OF ATHER SERVICE DEPARTMENT called me multiple times and handed over the cards to me. They saw the name on my cards and they took out my number from ather database and to ensure that I get my cards Mr. Srinivas personally kept the cards with him and gave directly to me rather than keeping it in reception.

Thank you I am about to book new cards now I have to unblock them.

Once again thank you for both of them because generally no one takes such responsibility unless someone approach you about it. They called me multiple times to check when I am coming to collect. So I thought I should not only thank them but I have to let other know about this.


I am Ather 450X Customer From Mancherial District, Telangana State. I Purchased form hyderabad Showroom in Jan.2021. I faced some issues Related to Front Suspension (Farook). I had to Travel more than 250KM to reach the hyderabad Showroom. The response from ather service team was superB. Mustafa, Sampath, Sandeep, Shiva Kumar. From Hyderabad Team. Responded Will & Handover The Vehicle solving the issue completely. Very Very Satisfactory Response from Hyderabad Ather Servicing Team. & SERVICE PROCESS IS WELL DESIGNED BY CHIEF SERVICE OPERATOR OF ATHER. THANKYOU WITH LOTS OF LOVE.

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