My first athers RSA experience

@abhishek.balaji @ather To be Honest I usually dont give bad reviews for any company but the thing that happened today with my vehicle completely threw me offguard considering the amount of trust that i put in ather The Thing that happened is I had my Vehicle punctured despite having 2 3 puncture shops nearby i called Athers RSA number after that i had my vehicle towed to service center on the pretext that a puncture will hardly take an hour or two but i waited for a call for above 4 hours. After that i called to athers RSA for a status update they told me that we only have responsibility of delivering vehicle to service center which they told after asking .and u will be receiving call from service center. So i told OK and i cut the call Next I then called the service center for status update was shocked to know when they told that service center is closed due to lockdown and i dont have any information for your vehicle despite the vehicle showing location at dealership. My only Questions are 1.whose responsibility is it to communicate with the service center 2. Whose responsibility is it if the vehicle is outside dealership for 2 3 days if the dealership was not informed about the vehicle 3.I have created this thread in hopes of improving the said issues mainly arising due to non communication of RSA team with the Service Center Due to the lockdown probably i wont be able to use my ather too but what if i had planned to take ather elsewhere I Still dont blame Dealership for this as i had called on the RSA helpline and it was their responsibility to communicate with dealership


Where has this incident occurred?

Pune Maharashtra

Make sure that you escalate it to the higher ups and inform them that this should not occur again