My Experience of Wheee Camp II, III and Kochi Edition ⚡

This Post is like both my Travelogue+ Ather Wheee Camp Experience :green_heart: So I am Putting this in Ather Vehicle Review x Trips and Travelogue :zap:

Wheee Camp II - 28 October 2023 at Aruani Grid, Bangalore


I am really disappointed that I can’t be Part of Wheee Camp I, So I decided when again It happens - I need to Participate in this Event

So for 28th Event, I started my Journey to Bangalore on 27th October Early Morning on Coimbatore Bangalore Uday Express :point_down:t2:

Myself and @arjunmohancbe are Planned to go to the Event, So I decided to stay with him on his Room at Electronic City But I can only go to his Room by 8 PM

So I usually visit our Indira Nagar EC Whenever I come Bangalore - Visit Done

After That also I had 2 Hours Time🤕 Then Booked a Rapido to Domlur “ to Test Ride Ultraviolette F77 ”

Done Test Ride :white_check_mark: and Booked Rapido to Arjun’s Room Which is 1 Hr Journey from Domlur

Then Reached Thogur Cross, Where Arjun was Waiting for me

Both Did Video Attack :face_with_spiral_eyes:

After that Wheee bought some Groceries and Meat for Dinner

I made a Pepper Chicken Gravy for the Cold Winter Weather Where Arjun made us Ready made Chapathi :fire:

All Done, Really Excited for the Big Day and Slept with Tons of Dream :raised_hand:t2:


Its 20+ KMs Approximate Ride to Aruani Grid from Our Room

And We Started by 7:30 AM

On a Cold Breeze Weather, I drove Arjun’s Rented Gen 3 Ather :zap:

Reached Venue by 8:15 AM and Had Breakfast Arranged by Ather Energy

The Aruani Grid :

Geare Up for the Adventures :

Breakfast with Community Fellow Members:

First Lap : To get Throttle Control on Track and Experiencing the Race Track

Around 11:50 AM, Classes + Executing the Learned Skills

Lap : About Vision :eye:

The One Rule or Rule No One :

After the Lap, Harish Anna went on Review Mode :

At 1 PM, Lunch Break :

Post Lunch Photoshoot : 2.30 PM

Apex Cornering :

No Break Ride :

By this Time, It was 4 PM and Next 1 Hour Our Phones werde Kept Aside and Dedicated Fully to Experience ** Warp+ and Magic Twist™** for The First Time among Our Community

After Vibing with Magic Twist and Warp+, We all came to the time of Good Bye for a Good Start :white_check_mark:

Post Event Photoshoot:



(Again Myself)

Handovered the Gears and Left :

Selfie with Trainer Mr.Anand from Indi Motorrad

Everything went well on Wheee Camp II and I also returned back Home Nicely


As Usual I went to My Game on Sunday :

Wheee Camp III - 09 December 2023, Big Rock Dirt Park, Bangalore

New Day New Adventure :zap:

Someone shared the Link of The Wheee Camp III Forum post to WhatsApp Group, I know I will come for Sure - So I registered myself for Saturday 09/12/23 :sweat_smile:

Got Call for Confirmation :point_down:t2:

This Time Travel Story, Bit Unique than Before Because We made “ Our Kerala First Ather Customer Mr.Adrine Correya @acorreya to do his First 500 KMs UP and Down Ride for this ”

Yeah, Adrine drove his Gen 2 450x Series 1 all the way from Enté Kochi to Namma Coimbatore Then Joined with me on Bus :hugs:


Night 10 PM, I and Adrine both were Late

No Time to Have Dinner So Bought Food and Had it while Travelling :sweat_smile: The Boys Behaviour :yum:

And Reached IBC Knowledge Park by 5 AM

From Christ University to IBC We had Walked, Really Not Concerning :face_with_head_bandage: Maybe a Bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We reached by 5.15 AM and Entered IBC by 6 AM

Started from IBC to Big Rock Dirt Park by 6:30 AM Apprx

Ather Energy arranged Transport to the Event Venue

Add images

As I was sleeping all the way till Event Venue, I request Wheee Camp Attendees to Add Some Picture If There

Due to Traffic and Take Diversion Signals

We reached BR Dirt Park by 10 AM

Then Had Breakfast and Geared Up for the Another Big Day

Really We didn’t even Touch the Phone, During Whole Day

My Ride :

KA 51 HX 7252

Things Happened :

  1. Experiencing Off Road
  2. Ride Position
  3. Corner Controls
  4. Panic Breaking
  5. Off Road Trails
  6. Off Road Track

After all this, We had a Good Lunch :

This Time, They Provided Wheee Camp Tshirt on the Venue Itself - Previous Time They courier it

Fell and Hurt :

I lost Vision and Fell Down, Got Swelling

Even with Swelling - I continued riding to experience the Off Road Trails :face_with_spiral_eyes:

(I don’t have Pictures So Taken Screenshot from Ather YouTube Video)

It got Worse :

I really Appreciate Our Community Members Hospitality When Someone is Sick

@rajeshkav @avinashmiriyanam @dhondhale.v.ravi @rakshithricky1994

Then Wheee Camp Team dropped us in IBC, We let my Bag Go on the Transport Vehicle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then Adrine Bro flew with Ravi and Brought Back my Bag :wink:

After that We went Ather Floor and Fresh up in the Bathroom, Then Took Cab to Reach Madiwala

Then I reached by 4:30 AM to Home

And Sunday Adrine started his Ride Back Home :white_check_mark:


Following my Wheeekly Routine but This Time as Spectator :rofl::grin:

Wheee Camp x Kochi Edition - 16 March 2024, Wolf Trails Dirt Park, Kochii

Yeah I know that, This Event is for New Owners Who were not been Part of Previous Wheee Camps

But I travelled to this Wheee Camp solely to Honour my Words that I gave to 22 Year Old Yashwant from Palakkad :green_heart: Our 450+ Gen 2 Customer :grinning:

As a Community We have done a lot in Coimbatore and Thats How We became Friends

After my Wheee Camp III Posts, He was in a Remorse How I was in After Period of Wheee Camp I. Only Remorse Is I cant Participate in Wheee Camp (for Both Scenarios)

On Call I said, Dont Worry da - I will take you to the Next Wheee Camp :hugs: So Only I visited this Event

Still I carried my Full Face Helmet in the Hope of Participating in the Event :yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I expected 50:50 People were Present at the Venue and Wheee Camp Management Team let us to Participate. Which I expected but Still a Surprise :purple_heart:

Coming to the Itinerary :rocket:

Planned to Ride Ather, Then Planned by Bus, Then ICE Bike :joy: But Finally Decided to Travel on Train :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Booked Tickets on Waiting List But Cancelled Due to Heavy Demand :laughing:

What next , From Tirupur to Kochi 6 Hrs (For Yash from Palghat 4 Hrs)

Standing Ovation :rofl: like Santhanam Comedy :point_down:t2:

Reached Kochi by 5 AM and Took Rest for 30 Mins

Then taken Ticket to Mulanthuruthy Railway Station, Which is nearby the Dirt Track

Train was by 6 AM and Reached there by 6:30 AM - That was a MEMU TRAIN

After that Hired a TukTuk and Reached by 7:30 AM :hugs:

We were First to Reach and Followed by us Coimbatore Community’s @r.balaakumar who drove his Ather 450x Gen 3 came to the Venue

Then All of the Participants came :raised_hand:t2:

Had Breakfast and Geared up for Learning Skills

Briefing given by Suhas and Dhruv from Big Rock Dirt Park Team :blush:

Kochi Edition Participants:

Things Happened :

  1. Experiencing Off Road
  2. Ride Position
  3. Corner Controls
  4. Panic Breaking
  5. Off Road Track

1-4 Before Lunch

After all this, We had a Good Lunch :slight_smile:

After Lunch, We got Sometime to Power Nap :slight_smile:

With @r.balaakumar

Then We went to Implement our Lessons on Dirt Track

And Did 10 Laps

After Completing Track, Refreshment were Provided:

Then Spent Some Time to Recover from the Scorching Heat Temperature :fire:

After that We made some Memories :wink:

Everything was done and Handovered The Gears

Finally Donut Time :

Again Said Good Bye to my Boy KA 51 HX 7252

Then @r.balaakumar bro Dropped me at Ather Space Aluva, Literally I was the One Who drove the Vehicle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Charged his Vehicle till 80% and He left

In between this We experienced 7 Apex Delivery by Ather Space Aluva

Spent time till 7:30 PM and Walked towards Boarding Point to Board on Bus

Boarded by 8 PM

Reached Avinashi, Tirupur Tamilnadu by 12:55 AM


Then Waited for 15 Mins to Catch a Mofussil Bus to Reach Perumanallur (10 KMs from Avinashi)

By 1:10 AM, I got a Bus and Reached Perumanallur

7 PM Itself, I asked my Uncle to Drop my Ather in Paid Parking and Keep the Token and Key Inside Boot :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I carried the Spare Key :eye:

Started Riding towards my Home (7.5 KMs)

Playing Wake Me Up ft. Avicii on Repeat Mode

Reached Home Safely by 01:30 AM

This is my Experience and Travelogue to the Wheee Camps :white_check_mark:

If Wheee Camp happening in Your Location means Try to Spend Time and Experience the Other Way of Riding our Ather Beast :smiling_imp:

Whole Heartedly Thanks to the Community Team, @smridhi.kalati and Our Alpha @tarun for the Wonderful Opportunity :pray:t2:

Looking forward to being part of Future Wheee Camps :eye:

Keep Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing :rocket:


All the best…buddy…

It was a nice experience while reading your article or content…

Looks like a life story or personal diary :notebook_with_decorative_cover:


Without You all Its just a Paragraph :hugs:

You are guys made it like this Sree Raj :blush::white_check_mark: