My Ather Experience so far - 4717

So after a gap of 10-11 years I decided I need a 2 wheeler again, was looking for options and then decided on Ather and was speaking to a friend and he said he has pre ordered but he doesn’t want to, so after checking his order, I found that he is eligible for Series 1 so he requested the order be moved over to me and it took a week or so to move it post which I took couple of days and make the payment on 27th May, I was hoping the moment lockdown was lifted and may be a week or so I receive the vehcile but no communication from the team, luckily my friend stays near the indiranagar ather space and I asked him to go and check, he met a very nice person called Praneeth there who called me after taking my order details and mentioned that I need to sign papers, I signed and sent it to him and he kindly followed up and at a point it went for registration, initially I had asked for any number but later I changed my mind and Praneeth and another guy from customer care Souvik kindly help me to make sure I get the call from the RTO guy to select a number, finally on 1st July the registration completed and got delivery on 8th, delivery person was Luke warm at best, he wasn’t confidence instilling guy, first thing he asked me is if I want to learn about vechile or its ok to skip?!? I had watched many videos and was active here also so I knew a lot of things, the way he asked me, I thought it’s better not to ask him anything so I just let it go… I asked him Series 1 T-shirt and he said he isn’t sure and don’t know, asked him service pro for a year by default and he said he doesn’t know… He gave me the charger box!!! I was under impression that after I pay 2200 for installation, It would be sent home with the person coming to install and I wasn’t made aware I had to carry it in bike which I just took delivery of…luckily my friend was with me and he carried it for me to a point, but it’s really uncomfortable taking delivery of a new vehcile which you need to get used to riding and additionally keep a big box in front and ride (I’m 6"2), from there I straight went to ather indiranagar as I wanted a portable charget and I was informed I’ll be able to buy immediately, once I reach there and speak to a guy called teja he said sorry out of stock, come after 2 weeks!!! Is this 2 weeks a standard time frame given to any issues which arises? I have seen this 2 weeks ETA on multiple posts in forum, it feels like it’s a standard excuse…

The mirrors - both sides the screw was very lose, the left mirror was quite lose and one screw was almost falling off - I have fixed this as its simple issue but worth mentioning for Quality control and check

Anyways after all this, I’m happy to report the 450x has exceeded my expectations ONLY in ride quality, handling and the rest at it works, there are soo many bugs and issues which I’m not sure how to get them resolved :roll_eyes:

I’ll try to list the ones which aren’t solved yet and I’m skeptical with sending an email to care team as the refund request for FAME II and cancelation of DOT installation, they haven’t replied from 2 days now…

Pending issues

  1. Series 1 perks - will I still get the T-shirt?
  2. How and when the Service pro for a year will be enabled?
  3. FAME II refund of 14500
  4. DOT installation cancelation request pending
  5. Dash board restarting atleast 2-3 times a day - I’m riding daily
  6. Maps - I can’t believe it has soo many glitches :roll_eyes: it just resets itself and stops working
  7. Maps - unable to search location in the vehicle - but in app able to see
  8. Maps - why won’t it reroute if i take a different route? Everytime it fails, every single time - I have the pro subscription of connected services which I paid for
  9. Maps - traffic data? If this is paid thingy which ather is paying to Google, is it that difficult? Or expensive? Then just let us mirror our phone and we will use it from phone like android auto :tipping_hand_man:

Overall my experience has been on negative side except the vehicle itself and expectations has been neither positive and not too negative as of now, because I understand the covid impact, lockdown etc but somewhere you have little hope that things may move quickly but it has its own pace, I haven’t followed Ather as company for long so I can’t comment on how the past experiences for you’ll have been, but I’m sure if I had gone for a ICE vehcile it won’t be this bad experience as they are all well established companies

I really hope someone from care team or community manager helps me solving the above issues

Finally a huge shout out to Praneeth from Ather space indiranagar for all the help and support :ok_hand:

Excuse the spelling mistakes or if the story isn’t written well :slight_smile: not a good writer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for reading

Edit - I work in an industry where customer experience is of utmost importance, so I’ll expect the same :roll_eyes:


I don’t think you will get the t-shirt.

This is odd. I had my dot installed by ather, they did it before I got my vehicle itself. I didn’t have to carry it. I believe that they give the charger to you only when you choose to do the installation yourself.

Speaking of which,

You said cancellation request? Maybe that’s why they gave it to you.

I faced a similar issue after I got it back from the service center once. Had to get an allen hex key to tighten the screws.

Actually, it does reroute, but it takes a lot of time. I’ve experienced this personally.

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I sent the cancelation request after I came home with the charger, I went to ather indiranagar from dairy circle and then back home yelehanka and my vehcile battery was quite low, I called my electrican to ask if he knows anything and he said he has installed one sometime back, asked him to come home and install it which he did, post confirming all working fine I sent cancelation request :slight_smile: wouldn’t have put it as an issue if it was a case of me requesting cancelation before delivery…

Btw every vehcile delivery that day had boxes with them either dot or portable with them, I also saw a video which Abhishek had posted for vehicles lined up for delivery and could see boxes of chargers wirh them, I assume this is because of recent lockdown they deliver with vehcile and then someone comes and installs it, no issue with that but had I been informed, I would have made arrangements to carry, I was just asked to carry DL and helmet… The delivery guy didn’t even ask for dl

On maps, it just gets stuck at the place where I took diff route and even after reaching home it still stays same, that is if it hasn’t reset itself by the time I reach home which also happens :man_facepalming:

@abhishek.balaji i understand this isn’t a 1x1 support, my 2 emails to customer care has been unanswered on the topic of refund, I have issues unresolved as mentioned in my post and additionally data isn’t getting synched to website when I login to app.ather website :(, my series 1 perks seems to be not active, would you kindly help please? Also I have a request to give a shout out to Praneeth in ather space indiranagar for all his help and support, may be an internal email shoutout or to his team manager :slight_smile: thank you in advance and hope I get these resolved :see_no_evil:

The bike itself is terrific. I love it but the moment I think of using the navigation, I start to feel like ripping that dashboard off and throwing it in the gutter. It’s ridiculous. It just shoots up my blood pressure.:joy: I love to take my bike out to places I haven’t been before or I have travelled less. The map is reallly convenient and peace of mind on such routes until the damn thing decides to die, every single time. I am using it as long as I have free credit to pay for the subscription. If the maps aren’t fixed, I am done with the subscription but then will it be worth rs. 1,80,000? May be yes.


its a head turner for sure and coming back from delivery i was asked by 3 people on pricing and range… and as you said its terrific scooter, but the bugs are way too many :frowning: i really hope they fix it at earliest