Mprags's Review of the Ather 450


Well, i have been silent all this while, just reading all the comments, suggestions, complaints, blah, blah, blah. There is a reason behind this - Though i was one of the first 10 lucky guys to own this beauty, my rides are very short and i just ride this rarely. My ODO till now hasn’t crossed 400 kms yet! I would think i haven’t experienced the vehicle just enough to provide an update.

Here is my short update on my ownership experience till now:
Futuristic Electric Bike - Can beat any 2w scooter in design/style, performance, pickup, speed, etc.
Go-Green initiative - Definitely feel proud for not polluting mother earth (whatever minute contribution)
Zero visits to petrol bunks

Range is stuck at 42 kms, either ECO or not. Ather team seems to be still working on fixing this issue and i haven’t yet received any concrete information on the cause of this. Though they indicate that my driving was aggressive, i noticed this drop just after my 1st 2 hour city commute and right after my first full charge at my home pod. So, i don’t know what kind of testing they had performed and how aggressive it was?

PS: Please don’t ask for my order id. If anyone needs an update for their order, the Ather team is the only source to provide it.


Ather 450 Ownership Reviews

Just thought of writing an update regarding the Range issue/problem i faced in my Ather 450. I tried to change my ride style and have become more cautious in using the accelerator. I must admit - during the first few days, whenever i would realize that other 2 wheeler riders were noticing my Ather with wide eyes, i would always feel like revving up the scooter and race ahead of the pack (showing them the power of Ather). However, i think these were some of the reasons for the range degradation. After riding about 100kms with a sedate ride style and a couple of full charges, i’m now able to see about 56/57 kms on the range (ECO mode). I’m still trying to change wherever i can - I will eagerly follow this post for suggestions/advises from experts who can guide the Ather riders on fine tuning the riding style. I do have some gradients in and around my apartment… and the initial power needed to get my Ather from basement to the road will still cause the range to be a little lesser than the advertised True Range, but i’m okay with it.