More details of the user to the user

I’d like to see more information and data points collected by the IMU and other sensors to be made available to the user. In 2018 when I took a test ride in the AEC, I was actually impressed with two screens that were displayed on the TV.

If this data can be made available in app, it’ll be awesome.

Vote up if you like this and want Ather team to prioritize this

+1 I too remember this graph… And it was too cool.

Is the dashboard code open sourced? I would love to contribute and add some more cool stuffs into it.

I would be glad if Team Ather considers making the code open sourced


If you take a test ride of the 450 today, this will be emailed to you after the ride :slight_smile:

One more item for the Open Labs. I am pretty sure there a bunch of Data Visualization folks as owners who would glad to put in some extra hours to build this out as a widget.


Oh! I didn’t know that! All the more reason to include it in the app then. I didn’t even get to see my ride details on that TV screen when I test rode it.


In chennai, always they say that it is unavailable? I took test ride of 450 once and test ride of 450x warp mode vehicle. No one even shown or e-mailed the same. After the occurance, I understand that the display and features are for Name sake… If you think that I am wrong, I can give you the test drive dates, could you provide me the details?

idk if this has been brought up before … but i’d like to have a geek/nerd mode which displays real time motor consumption(kW), electrical consumption, regen %, total battery energy consumed (o/p) from last charge(kW), total battery i/p kW while charging, ride suggestions(how you should drive depending on ride history) using motion sens. and acceleration/braking … etc. etc. not all but some of them should be considered. cheers :beers:


Moved this as a feature request! Do you mean something similar to the “stats for nerds” view on YouTube? :smiley:

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Yeah, would be a great addition.

It’s not nerd, should be called as Advanced view with W / kW notation.

Almost all advanced EVs like Tesla or Zero motors has it :slight_smile: