Monthly Ride log map

There should be a feature with the ride log that it should show on a map which ever places you have visited. Also I believe the current ride log is only showing 3 days old max. For which I believe it should show a months worth of ride logs. Kindly upvote this so that it becomes a feature.


Enable Google’s Timeline feature in your Google Maps app and get the details from there, its as simple as that for the interim while we wait for an Ather specific Timeline

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I have enabled that :joy: But it would be nice to have this feature from Ather

Why would you want the same feature twice? instead lets ask Ather to give us a dump of the Ride Stats as a CSV file so that you have the ride data and can use it to deduce anything.


Well that would be too much effort to get any data out of it. I am sure a lot of users would appreciate this feature if it is made available to them

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I would also add a 3D map plot in the dashboard, showings a lot of stats.

Ather used to display a similar plot to riders during initial OG 450 test drives which was insanely stunning! Now that web tech is good enough, it can be implemented in browser frontend.


Not really for everyone. I, for example, almost never turn on my phone’s GPS and also don’t use Google maps for the most part.

So, having this feature with Ather, even if just to export the ride data would be good.

I already have a dashboard for Ather on my home server. But I’ve to manually enter that data now. Ability to automate this would be quite useful.

Why would people appreciate this feature? And what would you do by looking at a map of all locations you’ve been to? Would help if you can detail this out more.

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