Mirror upgrade possible on gen 2 bikes?

With the new gen 3 improving on the mirrors (which weren’t so much of an eyesore, as long as you were looking at it, and not in it), is it possible to swap the existing mirror on the Ather gen 2 with the new broader one? Currently it’s nearly impossible to use the mirror for its intended purpose (or even for the occassional post-ride hair styling). Please let me know if Ather ‘parts’ are available for sale, and if it is possible to refit the mirror.

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You can get newer mirrors on Gen 2.


You can buy that as an accessory later. They’re backwards compatible as confirmed in the launch event!

Guys is there any possibility to fit the gen 3 rear foot rest in gen 2 ? could someone help it with ???

Not yet. They’re working in it though.

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Where can I get rare wheel mudguards for Ather 450x

Ather itself or search for the same in the market