Meet the Owners

What’s common between an Executive Chef, a ceramic artist and a very popular photographer?

They all love their Athers and are very passionate about what they do.

Here are the stories of @sabharwal.abhay @priya.sundaravalli and @auditya.v!


Audi sir!! :slight_smile: :zap::100: @auditya.v . I still have the screenshot of my comment on Ather’s IG tagging him asking to shoot once he gets his Series 1( I was going to write S1 :p) and other photos aiming to shoot something similar but he’s just too good. The second source that led me to Ather!! Congratulations @sabharwal.abhay and @priya.sundaravalli too!


For a sec I thought That is @hemanth.anand in the first video, then seeing the name I was like Oh, BTW Looks like nice reviews are up, Any chance it gets shown during the matches?


“In my war against pollution, my Ather is probably the most potent weapon I have.”

Get a sneak peek into the life of Vipin Kumar, pharmacist and paramedic from #Delhi, as he highlights the life saving benefits of the Ather 450X in our fourth episode of #MeetTheOwners


Not dramatic. Subtle. Very nicely done.


Very nice video ! True Ather is a flying machine

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Another beautiful video. Marketing and creative team truly :zap::100:. And it would be so fun to be a part of such shoots not just for media guys but regular people too!

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