Max Speed Achieved

This is just out of curiosity and to answer the question that is asked (how fast can 450 go?) when we wait at traffic signals. “What is the maximum speed that has been achieved by members of this forum?” and also the range achieved at that speed.

My all time top speed is 91kmph.

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90 is what I achieved on the modified 450 which had warp mode.


I have reached 92 km/h maximum


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I hope achieving Average Speed 81 km/h is a miracle and you did it… (Ather 's official Top Speed itself 80 km/h)


wow, at 1.30am you found a road which had no speed bumps and on full throttle all the time you started and finished your ride :ok_hand:t2: amazing :+1:t2:

Out of curiousity, out of 34.8 kms you rode, how long were you on full throttle? did you experince any heating issues? I guess the motor fan would be running all the time. what range did you get for this ride?

what was the charge left at the end of the ride?

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Well basically the motor cuts off at 89kmph on the dashboard , which is about 80kmph in reality and th dashboard will not show you a number above 90kmph.

I got this with a pillion. Total payload of 150Kg and a slight downslope of a flyover But if the motor is allowed to run I think I remember someone telling me that it’s capable of taking you to 110+kmph. I think 114kmph or something.

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My top speed is 90 km/hr IMG_20201029_184116|336x500

I drove Ather 450X test vehicle on warp mode at 94kmph, it still it had juice, but I did not have the courage as the road was slippery due to rain.

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Did it indicate this on the dash?

Yes, it did. As it was raining I couldn’t record it on the camera