Maps on Ather Stack 5 (Elio)

Wanted to check what distance would the maps shows from my Home (Devinagar) to Office (Kirloskar Business Park). The maps showed 17.7 kms with traveling duration of 46 mins. Whereas the exact distance is 5.5 kms with travelling duration of 15 mins without traffic. @Ather kindly check it. Otherwise if we are looking for an unknown location, if the map shows wrong distance, we end up wasting time and battery power. It’s a serious concern…


did u check if the start point was correct? right after the update for some reason the current location got changed to my delivery location :joy:

but it got auto fixed after few hrs of update, so make sure to check again if the start location is correct .


This happened to me also when I was travelling from Lulu mall bengaluru to Hennur 17km via Hebbal , dashboard maps directed me via a route through koramangala road then after checking on phone It was 9km extra for no reason even though the normal route on phone shows low traffic it still took me the longest route. @abhishek.balaji pls do look into this…

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Agree. Checked the map today. Now it shows the exact distance and time. Thanks for sharing your observation