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Thanks will do

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Has anyone got their original battery fitted back to their vehicle among those owners whose vehicle batteries were replaced with loaner batteries?

@sachinshastry12. I guess he has.
Also the early cases got a brand new battery instead of a loaner or a fixed old one.


A brand new battery?
I’m not aware about this at all.
I faced the shutdown issue on 24th of September and I had posted about it in this thread. They replaced my battery with a loaner one and I have not got any updates on my original battery till now.
I have called customer care and I hope they get back to me with an update at the earliest.

@abhishek.balaji, please do look into this. Thanks.

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I got my original battery back after BMS fix. So far so good. Replacement is done on FIFO (First In First Out) basis. Please wait. You will hear from CS. Till then please be patient :slight_smile:


Today got the touchscreen firmware update done, seems better without any non-responsive screen.

Also could fix the throttle squeaking sound

Here are the steps to do it without sending it to the service center as onsite tech did not know how to do it .

1-Remove the 6 screws holding the front touch panel and switch housing.
2-Then remove the screw as below

3- Remove the throttle connector cable (gently pull it out holding the connector firmly without holding the wire)

4-Blow air using a air pump that is used to fill air to cycle or bike tyres or by using a vacuum cleaner and gently wipe with a dry waste cloth and inspect for any visible dust particles in the areas as below. ![3|250x500]
5- Check the throttle to see if there is any squeaking noise , it should not have any , if you still hear some noise repeat steps 4 and 5.
6- Put back the throttle assembly on to the handle bar and put back the cable connector and then the screw.
7- Reinstall the dashboard and put back the 6 screws.

Throttle service done.


That’s great to hear. I hope I’m in queue for replacement in the next few days. Thanks for the clarification sir👍.
Happy safe riding to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Folks - want to tell you all about the issue I had today. I went for a nice water wash as my bike was making a lot of noise due to mud accumulated near the belt and as per advise from Ather.
I took it for a wash to Pitstop in Kammanahalli, after the wash just while I was coming back, my vehicle just got switched off while in sport mode and when I looked at the dash it said I need to charge at least 15% to go and it automatically went to eco mode.when I left my home it was 100% charged, when I left from pitstop it said 52kms left. When the vehicle switched off in between and again showed zero charge and switched on it said 47kms with 87% charge and again within a km the same thing happened again. But I again started and managed to come home which is around 2 kms from there. As soon as I reached home I called the customer care and they asked me to restart the vehicle, when I restarted the vehicle and it again said zero charge and then within 5 - 10 secs it again battery showed 88%. Looks like a software issue for me, not sure if any of you have experienced this?

Ather mentioned they will pick it up on Monday for checking, unfortunately they don’t have a loaner at this point to give me :thinking:.


Not this in particular but the scooter gets quite glitchy after a wash in my experience.
Hope your scooter is fixed soon

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i am sad to say, the design team has to consider for Indian scenario the RAT bite, especially when we have the charger connected at NIGHT to the vehicle, the electrical signal and heat attracts, rats, i had 2 rat bites to my vehicle wiring harness within less than one month, this is very disappointing and prices of cables is also quite high ( 25 K for 2 services of rat bite )

While i have parked Honda Activa and Hyundai vehicle in the same garage for 15 years without a single rat bite

Please do suggest any ideas on protecting for rate bite, i am thinking to put a buzzer for the entire night and not use the charger in the night


perhaps consider putting a mice trap ?
if not then apply some kind of repellent to wire (assuming humans will not lick/eat that wire) :crazy_face:
jokes apart … but this is a unfortunate condition to which no manufacturer would have considered while designing … i have heard washing machine, fridge, mixie - wires getting chewed by mice.


Did you say 25K ? how come it is that costly !!

The cost of wiring harness and cables is very expensive, each service costed me an average 12500 INR for 2 services it resulted in 25k

by wiring did you mean that the entire wiring for the vehicle needed to be changed ?
or just the charging cable ?

even after using Rat repellents and mice traps, had a rat bite

Well, i searched all over the internet and did tried a to z in the past for several months.
Only practical working solution i found was this to avoid rats near bikes/cars.
(I have around 5 of them in my home)

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Short of wrapping the cables in a steel mesh (like the ones used in Bathroom faucets), there isn’t much that you can do. I have a similar issue where a bunch of rats use my car battery as a dining table. I’ve tried pepper spray, ultrasonic repellers, 3M rat repellent spray but none work for more than a week.

Eventually I came to realize that the surrounding area contributed to the problem. You need to make sure there are no food sources near your parking spot (garbage bins, open drains etc) and try to block all possible entry points into your compound. This is however difficult in apartments since you have no control over the common areas.


Thanks , i have a small lawn of 8x6 ft, this also acts as a rain water harvesting for all the water to collect and use it as a drain for my 30x60 house, unfortunately for the sake of EV, i dont want to get away with my greenery

have kept the complete area , clean and tidy without any garabage but still my observation is RAT’s are coming when i plug the charger over night, now i have to stop over night charging , which means i will never get a full charge in day time

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This might seem obvious and not a preferred solution for many. Have you considered raising a cat? You could adopt one from blue cross and raise it near your garage/lawn. It is a natural predator for rats.

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Its a common problem. I once spent 90k for my car due to rat problem. Use this: