Maheshwar's review of Ather 450

it’s been since 1½ months and I’m really enjoying my ride.“wheeeeeee” that’s awesome.
Owned RE 350 before and suddenly thought of buying EV’s and bought Ather. It’s really excellent to ride for daily Commute.
It’s been a month since I visited petrol bunk after owning this beast :heart:

It’s a eye catcher in the road. Everyone is seeing like foreign vehicle whenever I took out, atleast 2 members will stop me and ask some questions.
Whenever I park my Ather outside my home,my neighborhood person would stare continuously as he was like guarding my bike. After 5 days he came asked for a test drive if I’m ok with it coz it was new vehicle. I said ok and I explained the controls to him as he was feared because it’s the first time to ride an EV.
After 15 minutes he came like "childish face, with much emotion on it "
He stepped down the vehicle and suddenly lay down to check what type of aftermarket exhaust is fitted :rofl:.
I said it doesn’t have exhaust and the sound is coming from the belt.
He is 30yrs old and seeing his reaction is really awesome. Took some time seeing the bike and he is speechless & enjoyed the moment.
He owns RE 350 and vespa.

Even my Gf is fallen love with this bike :joy:.
Whenever we meet, she’ll take it for ride and stare at it very deeply :joy:. I don’t know where this will gonna end :revolving_hearts::joy:.