Long term review of Ather Seat Cover

So, many people already have in-depth reviews written for Ather Seat Covers. Hence I decided to wait and use it and write a long-term(ish) review.

Been using it for quite a while now and have almost torture tested it (already had a good custom seat cover made, so…)

I’ll get straight to it,

What I actually liked and good points :

  • Quality - It is extremely well made, stitching is super strong and material is really nice (I’ll get to slipping…). Did try to scratch it with daily items like rivets on jeans, keys and some sharp objects (not knife or blade) and it didn’t do much to the materials, so yes, it’s very well made.

  • Installation and Fit - I installed the seat cover myself and it took hardly 5 mins. It’s extremely easy and fit is perfect. There are 3 Velcros for holding the seat. There is small amount of foam on the top side which to my surprise make a lot of difference while riding.

  • Other things - It is waterproof meaning the water doesn’t hold on the seat and even though I tried very hard with water hose, the foam did not get wet. Cleaning is also easy as the stain marks, bird dropping and some sticky tree droplets can be cleaned simply by hand rub ( I was surprised with this, it was very easy to clean ). They also claimed it to be UV resistant, I couldn’t see any discoloration as of now (but I suppose it takes a long time).

Things that can be improved :

  • Skidding material - As many people has mentioned already it is slippery, specially while braking and it gets really unconformable as you have to adjust while riding. But it gets better with more and more use. And after about 600-700Km of use, it is quite manageable now.

  • It gets little difficult to lock the seat due the thickness of the stitching joint. But it is manageable.

  • And the Price - as usual Ather parts/accessories are on expensive side and hope it gets cheaper in future. I already had fitted a custom seat cover(wrap type) for just Rs 350.

TL;DR - It’s actually good product but demands a premium price. If you are ready to pay you get what you paid for, a nice, quality seat cover.

Disclosure - The seat cover was provided by Ather for review but they did not had any inputs in the review.

And here are the pics -


Ye dekh kar bohot dard hota hai xD

Hehe :joy:

I think they are giving these region wise. I suppose not many people bough Ather in my region. I’m guessing on this one, so it could be wrong.

They provided it according to activeness on the Forum. I got the floor mat. Gen 3.1 owners probably got the seat cover because only their seat is compatible with it.

I will get my Gen 3 seat cushion modded and see, probably better than spending 3.2k on a new genuine seat

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I mean I am already active on the forum. Plus I gave an half an hour interview with them how to make forum better.


Lol no idea about why not you, marketing budget khatam hua probably :rocket:

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Bro I can understand the feeling, I was invited to community day 2023 but never got tickets, I have achieved longest ride milestone but Ather never recognised. Did most refferals in erstwhile refferal scheme got Ather credits which I can’t use and when asked about the promised goodies they gave a Gujarat Titans gym bag instead which was torn when asked about it they said without video proof of unboxing we can’t replace. Had enough with Ather and their team’s inefficiencies. They don’t stand on their words for promised things itself, so I don’t think you and me or people who criticize Ather will receive promos.

Gen 2 owners were promised assured buyback in between 30 months - 36 months of purchase but no word on that.

Gen 1 and 1.5 owners were promised upgrade plan to gen 3.1 by given their old scooter and paying 70 or 80k, in front of thousands of people in community day but no word of sorry in case if isn’t possible.


This is so sad man, it almost feels like begging at this point. The Ather management should be ashamed.

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Ather be like promise 15L and deliver GST in return.

Bro I’m not able to understand why they have given you gym bag no sense :rofl: I think Ather can’t afford you

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