Long drive

Its been one and half months since I got my flight #6367 delivered. I almost have touched 1.5k kms with my daily routine. I have done 3 long drives in and around coimbatore. This is my first long drive post in the forum… initially I had range anxiety whether I can get the reach home after the drive. I was waiting these many days to have pillion for this long drive. 1st long drive was planned for 48kms with full charge, 2nd 52kms with full charge, now I have decided for 60kms range with pillion on full charge. Why I have anxiety is I drive in warp mode 80% of ride. A full charge on warp mode is 50kms, but still I had a hope I can get over 60kms with doubles in warp mode (2900watt - 10% buffer =~2600watts) so 2600watt/35wh/km = 74kms…!!

  1. Since it was a doubles, I took a safer location with 25kms one way. I had charged for 100%(50kms) and reached one way with 35kms range left at a average speed of 30km/hr @ 30wh/km efficiency. Then I got the confidence of reaching home back.
  2. While returning I took the long route of 35kms to my home. It was quite inclined and had intermittent head wind. Reached home with 17 kms left…!! Totalling I had 60.5 kms but still I can go 17 kms which totalling 77kms approx you can travel. My average speed was 40kms on both ways.

Had a great experience all over . Love u 450x…!! Thanq @tarun